LFA 86: Fabio Cherant Plans to Finish Murray Jr. & Prove He Belongs in the UFC

Fabio Cherant
Fabio Cherant Credit: CES MMA

When we last saw Fabio Cherant he was competing at Dana White’s Contender Series in July of 2019.

Unfortunately that fight did not go his way, and the light heavyweight prospect was caught by a knee and ultimately lost in the second round to Aleksa Camur via ground and pound. The New England-based fighter finally has his next fight lined up on July 24 at LFA 86, when he meets Erick Murray Jr. in South Dakota.

Cherant (4-1) was supposed to fight for Cage Titans earlier this year against Carlton Little, but that fight never came to fruition. We asked Fabio to elaborate as to why he never shared the cage with Little. “I wish I could tell you bro. Calf strains or something, he forgot to put his tampon in that day I guess and he pulled out. Whatever, sh*t happens, good luck to him the rest of his career. I can’t stress the stuff I can’t control,” he said.

Like many others, Cherant also felt the squeeze of the pandemic and explained how it has affected him and his training. “It sucked for sure but it definitely helped me out a little, it’s given me some time to think and heal. It’s opened my eyes to a lot of stuff; I am kind of happy it happened but I can’t wait for it to be gone too. It’s been too long and not being able to train like I want to, I had to sneak in my training for months at 4 AM. Which sucked but somebody has to do it.”

Fabio recently posted on social media that he was having a difficult time finding a location open to use a sauna so he could cut weight. He elaborated on the situation, saying “I found a place, but it’s not a gym, it’s just a regular cryotherapy place that has an infrared sauna. I also have a portable sauna so I am making due with what I have right now.”

Fabio told us that Sean Lally will be the guy making the trip with him to South Dakota for LFA 86, and he is more than ready to step in on short notice and put on a show. We asked Fabio to tell us how he sees this fight against Erick Murray Jr. playing out come fight night. “Knocking him the f*ck out. You know the fight game is a strange game, anything can happen. I just see myself hurting him really early and I’m not gonna explain how or what I’m gonna do, I just see myself hurting him really early. Do I capitalize? I don’t know I just see myself finishing the fight.”

And with a win over Murray, Cherant hopes to be “hopefully one step closer to proving I belong in the UFC.”

Catch our full interview with Fabio Cherant ahead of LFA 86 below.