UFC on ESPN 8 Results: Miguel Baeza Floors Matt Brown in Wild Fight

Matt Brown and Miguel Baeza
Matt Brown and Miguel Baeza Credit: Youtube/UFC

Welterweights Matt Brown and Miguel Baeza went to war at UFC on ESPN 8, with Baeza coming out on top with a sensational knockout.

Matt Brown was back in the Octagon on Saturday at UFC on ESPN 8. In a fight originally expected for Columbus, the Ohio native took on Miguel Baeza. Brown was looking to make it three in a row, although a brief hiatus dealing with a shoulder issue split up his previous two wins. Baeza for his part was in just his second UFC fight — against a battle-hardened veteran.

Matt Brown started off immediately putting Baeza on the backfoot. Brown tried to open up with a flurry to start, but Baeza immediately started throwing some heavy leg kicks. Baeza landed more heavy calf kicks, and Brown seemed to feel it and started to go on the offensive. Brown landed a big combination that seemed to land clean, and then Brown landed a big right hand that knocked Baeza’s mouthpiece out. Baeza seemed really rocked while Brown rained down elbows and right hands against the fence. The referee gave Baeza’s mouthpiece back, and once he did, he seemed recovered. Baeza then landed a one-two that knocked Brown down and hurt him badly. Baeza landed some ground and pound, but Brown made it back to his feet. The round came to a close after a Baeza flurry.

Baeza opened up with a big left hand to open the second round that landed clean. Brown rushed in and Baeza nailed him with another huge left that knocks him out! Baeza jumped in for the hammer fist and the fight ended! What a fight, and what a knockout for Miguel Baeza. After nearly being finished in the first, Baeza was able to recover enough to rock Brown in round one and finish him in round two. What a victory.

Miguel Baeza def. Matt Brown by KO (Left Hook) in Round 2 (0:18)


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