Former UFC Kings Cruz and Edgar Look to Replace Aldo at UFC 250

Dominick Cruz
Dominick Cruz Credit: Joe Harrington/

A couple of former UFC champions have emerged looking to capture an opportunity to go to battle with Henry Cejudo at UFC 250. That comes as Jose Aldo seems to be out of the May 9 title fight.

It didn’t take long for Henry Cejudo to have new opponents lining up to face him with the news of Aldo possibly being out of the fight, a result of travel issues due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

Former Lightweight champion Frankie Edgar and the inaugural UFC Bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz seem to be the front runners as a replacement for Jose Aldo. Both took to social media to express their interest in fighting on May 9.


However, it seems that Cruz was quicker to answer the call and get the shot over Edgar, as he has posted on Twitter that he has already signed on to fight Cejudo. To get the current champ’s blood boiling, Cruz took a shot at Cejudo’s long-time trainer, Eric Albarracin, who in turn also fired back.

With the twitter war that is about to break out with Cejudo’s camp and Cruz’s, it doesn’t seem like a huge loss of a main event. For sure, it is a bummer that Aldo won’t be able to go to war with Cejudo. But with this new drama and the potential back-and-forth banter between Cejudo and Cruz, you know views will go way up. Interestingly, just like Jose Aldo, if Cruz does get the nod, he’ll enter the fight coming off a loss — and a multi-year layoff.

Cruz (22-2) last fought in 2016, losing the bantamweight title to Cody Garbrandt.

Just when you think the fight game couldn’t get anymore wild, we get an even more intense UFC 250 main event.