PFC 13’s Adam De Freitas “It’s extra special that I get to fight in Toronto”

Adam De Freitas
Adam De Freitas Credit: Prospect Fighting Championship

Adam De Freitas takes on Zackery Powell at PFC 13. The event is set to unfold Sunday, March 8 at Rebel Nightclub in Toronto, Ontario. De Freitas vs. Powell is a hotly discussed lightweight bout among those who are knowledgeable of the Canadian MMA scene. This is a classic Ontario vs. Quebec prizefight with De Freitas and Powell filling the respective roles. De Freitas will likely get a partisan reaction from the raucous crowd being that he’s from nearby Mississauga.

Training with the Best

Adam De Freitas has been getting in work with some of the finest fighters in all of Canada. Speaking to Cageside Press, De Freitas said, “I do a large portion of my training at Parabellum. That’s my home gym. So every day they have pro sessions. Thursday is one of the harder days, it’s wrestling. We’ve got the best guys in the country I believe there, man. We’ve got Scott Hudson, Jesse Ronson, Kyle Nelson.”

The lightweight has been doing his due diligence to be optimally prepared for an opponent De Freitas knows will bring it on fight night. “I always look at a little footage, De Freitas stated. “I know Zackery Powell’s a killer. He’s a good ground guy. I haven’t seen that much footage but I am very aware of his skillset. But in terms of prepping, I kind of stick to my gameplan and my game.”

It looks like Prospect Fighting Championships has been and continues to be a great banner for Adam De Freitas competes under. “I fought for PFC in June and they treated me like gold, man,” De Freitas remarked. “They do a great job. Their shows are phenomenal. And it’s extra special that I get to fight in Toronto. I think it’s going to be a packed event.”

Adam De Freitas

That aforementioned June fight marked De Freitas’ pro debut win. It almost seemed like more of a battle to secure a fight than the actual mixed-martial-arts competition. Adam De Freitas explained that “I’ve been trying for two years to get a pro fight in. Five or six opponents all of them not showing up. Backing out on two weeks notice or showing up seventeen pounds overweight. The commission wouldn’t allow the fight to go through.”

De Freitas continued, “So it was nice that I got a nice tough opponent in Kris Allard to show up and I think he was the perfect fight for me to come into. Not an easy fight, got to show some grit, still got to show off that I’m a submission guy and catch him in a submission.”

While he isn’t getting in time training, De Freitas is a Tactical Unit Officer. He works in law enforcement and uses his platform to raise money for charitable efforts. He does MMA because he loves it and allocates around 80 plus hours a week to his work in law enforcement.

De Freitas said, “I’m a huge Brazilian jiu-jitsu buff and I love how applicable Brazilian jiu-jitsu is to all forms of law enforcement. MMA is a big passion my life but another passion is bringing Brazilian jiu-jitsu into law enforcement tactics. Bring it into handcuffing. Just making sure officers stay safe.”

His baby boy Logan is also adding to all of the love lately. A great time to be Adam De Freitas in a number of regards.

PFC 13

One facet of De Freitas’ life that is decidedly unfavorable is the health issues he’s been dealing with for the last twelve months. De Freitas stated, “I got diagnosed with Crohn’s last year. So it’s been a battle trying to still compete as a professional with that. But with CBD oil and taking precautions with my diet and stuff like that, I’ve never felt better.”

In summation, De Freitas remarked “There’s a bit of a resurgence going on in Ontario. We’ve always had the best fighters but it looks like now we have one or two organizations that are making it happen.”

Check out the full interview with Adam De Freitas, which can be found at this link


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