UFC Rio Rancho Results: Montana De La Rosa Tops Mara Romero Borella in History-Making Fight

Mara Romero Borella, UFC Rio Rancho
Montana De La Rosa vs. Mara Romero Borella, UFC Rio Rancho Face-Off Credit: Youtube/UFC

As one half of a husband-wife pair competing in the octagon on the same night, a UFC first, Montana De La Rosa had plenty of motivation to take home the win over Mara Romero Borella.

The second half of a history making pair on Saturday, Montana De La Rosa was taking on Mara Romero Borella in women’s flyweight action at UFC Rio Rancho. Her husband, Mark, had fought earlier on the card, making the pair the first husband and wife duo to enter the octagon in the same evening.

Unfortunately, things did not turn out so well for Mark. Leaving Montana to pull out a victory for the pair.

De La Rosa took to the outside early, with Borella moving in to throw a combo. Back on the outside, Montana fired off a high kick. Moments later another kick was caught, and De La Rosa went to her back, only to scramble right back up. However, Borella would end up taking De La Rosa’s back, and spent a good chunk of time there, working to isolate an arm. De La Rosa would eventually break free and transition to Borella’s own back, but it turn could not make anything happen. They would head to the second.

De La Rosa let her hands go early in round two, backing Borella up. Borella, unfazed, circled out of harm’s way. Then moved forward with her own combo, much crisper. De La Rosa then worked for a trip and took her opponent’s back. Borella tried to fight her opponent’s hands, but De La Rosa to get a hook in. She then added a second, and focused on getting her hands in place for a rear-naked choke. Borella wouldn’t make it easy, and eventually De La Rosa transitioned back to the top. Then to the back again, in a scramble. This time, at her corner’s urging, Montana let her hands go, landing several punches and elbows before the end of the round.

Borella came out swinging to open the third round. She was more than likely behind on the scorecards. However, while Borella had the edge in the striking, she wasn’t connecting with anything clean, and De La Rosa held her own, even connecting with a right hand. She’d connect again minutes later, which just over half the round remaining — and that punch sat Mara Romero Borella on her backside. De La Rosa moved into guard, and that certainly felt like things were  done deal.

Official Result: Montana De La Rosa def. Mara Romero Borella by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)