Parabellum Quintet III Results: Cicero Costha Jiu-Jitsu Wins Tournament

Parabellum Quintet III
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Ontario hosted Parabellum Quintet III, a team-based jiu-jitsu competition, on Feb. 8. After a competitive final round of matches, Cicero Costha Jiu-Jitsu was declared the winner.

Parabellum Quintet III went down on February 8th, 2020. 10th Planet Montreal, Tristar, Detroit Jiu-Jitsu, and Cicero Costha Jiu-Jitsu were the respective teams vying for glory during Quintet III. Some of the best submission grapplers in North America, and the world by proxy, all competed at OE Banquet and Convention Centre in Oakville, Ontario. Not only was there a compelling tournament unfolding but there was a myriad of electric super fights that kept the crowd engaged all throughout.

First Quintet Match Results

  • George Tsatas vs Fausto Godoy*
  • Fabricio Barbarotti vs Corey Guitard*
  • Rene Sousa vs Pedro Veras*
  • James Banville vs Rodrigo Gortari*
  • Francis St-Amour vs Igor Mocaiber*

*All bouts in the first Quintet bracket did not yield conclusive individual winners. Time ran out on every bout so it came down to penalty points. Tenth Planet had two points while Cicero Costha had 0, ergo Cicero Costha Jiu-Jitsu advances to the Quintet finals. 

Second Quintet Match Results

  • Geno Poirier vs John Toth (Toth via submission)
  • John Toth vs Javad Mahjoub (Mahjoub via submission)
  • Javad Mahjoub vs David Garmo [Garmo via DQ (both men tumbled out of the ring and Mahjoub looked to have initiated it to get out of a bad position)]
  • David Garmo vs Oliver Taza (Taza via armbar)
  • Oliver Taza vs Mohamed Hoballah (Taza via triangle armbar)
  • Oliver Taza vs Mohamed Alhamadi (Time elapsed and both were eliminated during this round)
  • Ethan Crelinsten vs Khalil Fadlallah (Crelinsten via rear-naked choke)

This bracket was much more conclusive in terms of yielding a winner. Tristar advances to the Quintet finals

Super Fight Results

  • Steve Simms vs TJ Laramie (Simms via points)
  • Scott Jutras vs Andrew McInnes (McInnes via points)
  • Mike Malott vs Ryan Dickson (Malott via rear-naked choke)
  • Paul Federici vs Kyle Willrich (Federici via points)
  • Gregg King vs Mike Large (King via triangle choke)
  • Matt McDonald vs Gabriel Araujo (McDonald via points)
  • Ariane Dang vs Felicia Marceau  (Marceau via points)
  • Aleks Veselic vs Greg Young (Veselic via anaconda choke)
  • Lorenz Baguinan vs Mandie Adamache  (Adamache via points)
  • Tom McIlvenny vs Jermaine Chandler  (McIlvenny via armbar)
  • Stephen Harty vs Pawak Acharya  (Harty via rear-naked choke)
  • Keerat Parmar vs Aspen Ljubinkovic (Parmar wins via points)

Quintet Finals results

All of the Tristar vs Cicero Costha matchups ended in a draw and penalty points were again taken into consideration like in the first Quintet bracket. This led to a referee decision whereby Cicero Costha earned a split decision win. It was an uber-competitive final and either team could have conceivably earned the distinction and many would agree. True top-notch Jiu-Jitsu with tension building competitive parity. 

Parabellum Quintet III Winners: Cicero Costha Jiu-Jitsu