UFC 247 Results: Dan Ige Gets Close Win Over Mirsad Bektic

Mirsad Bektic and Dan Ige UFC 247
Mirsad Bektic and Dan Ige Credit: Youtube/UFC

In a tenacious featherweight encounter at UFC 247, Dan Ige picked up a split decision win over Mirsad Bektic.

Hawaii’s Dan Ige was looking to make it five straight wins at UFC 247 in Houston. The second fight on Saturday’s PPV card, Ige was in the spotlight against Mirsad Bektic in a featherweight bout that could see Ige break into the rankings — or at least earn a ranked opponent next.

Ige opened up with a stiff left hook, then got a quick takedown that Bektic was able to get up from. Bektic fired off a quick right that backed off Ige briefly, but he was back in the clinch again. Ige got the takedown but was shrugged off, however as Bektic was getting up he was tagged with a combination behind the ear that briefly stunned him. Bektic began to recover but was quickly tagged by another fast combination by Ige. Ige then ripped to the body and forced Bektic to clinch, but he got out and caught Bektic on the break. Bektic recovered to see round two, and threw a spinning back fist at the end of round one.

Bektic fired off a quick right hand to start the round, and Ige responded with a combination. Bektic then fired off a quick combination and hit a quick takedown to put Ige on his back. Ige ate some knees to the body and attempted to get up but Bektic kept him down on the mat. Bektic then got to full mount and attempted to get an arm-triangle from the mount, and it was in deep. However, Ige was able to fight out of the choke and even threw up a kimura attempt off the back to force Bektic into full guard. Despite a close scare, Ige would see round three.

Ige went on the offensive to start round three, pushing the pressure and landing a clean body kick to a retreating Bektic. Bektic shot for a takedown and get Ige to the fence, but Ige responded with some elbows and stuffed the takedown. Despite both men working, the referee separated them off the cage. Ige then went back to pressing forward, getting into his range and landing multiple hooks and tagging Bektic. Bektic shot for a takedown and get it this time, Ige tried to roll for an armbar to no success. Ige did sweep however and get to the top but Bektic ended back on top after a scramble. The round came to a close with Ige rolling for a kneebar, but not getting it.

Dan Ige def. Mirsad Bektic by Split Decision (29-28 x2, 28-29) 

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