Adam Assenza Looking for Quick Turnaround Following BTC 8 Victory

Picking up a unanimous decision win at BTC 8, lightweight Adam Assenza wants to fight again in just two weeks.

Niagara Falls, ON — Burlington’s Adam Assenza improved to 11-6 at BTC 8 over the weekend. The lightweight battled it out with Hamilton Ash for three rounds, picking up a unanimous decision in the process.

“Feeling good. It was a nice little tilt,” he told Cageside Press after the fight. “I got to show off a few things, so it was good.”

While looking a bit banged up, Assenza, who picked up a 14-day medical suspension following the fight, wasn’t feeling too bad, with only one point of concern. “I think I kicked his elbow a few times when I went to the body, so my foot’s kind of sore. But besides that, I’m good.”

Which is key, because Assenza is looking for a quick turnaround. In short, he wants to fight as soon as his two weeks on the sidelines are up.

There’s no particular opponent or card in mind, however. “I know of a few cards going on in the States that I’ve fought for in the past, so I’ll just shoot them a message,” he said backstage at the Scotiabank Convention Centre. “I never like to book something because it’s fighting at the end of the day. I’ve been trying to make my pro boxing debut for like a year, and every time I book it, I break my hand, or something stupid happens that doesn’t allow me to do it.”

“I just kind of look and see what’s available, and I always have promoters reaching out to me, so I’ll see if I can get something in about two weeks,” he added.

His reason for the quick turnaround is simple: Assenza’s goal this year was to be more active, but it hasn’t worked out as planned. He’s had just three bouts to date.

At fault, there was the broken hand, “which was any annoying injury. Then my last fight, they gave me like a 30 or 60 day suspension, I think it was 45 days [in the end]. So it just kind of ruined everything.”

“I wanted to be busier this year, I wanted to fight a lot more,” he continued. “I’m always in shape, I’m always in the gym.”

Luckily, BTC has been there to provide a platform for Assenza for all three of his fights this year. The promotion hit something of a milestone Saturday at BTC 8, surpassing the Score Fighting Series in terms of longevity for an Ontario MMA promotion.

“I never really gave it much thought, but definitely I’m very impressed with what BTC’s doing with Ontario MMA,” Assenza answered in regards to BTC’s accomplishments. “Ontario is the hardest place to have a successful mixed martial arts organization. They’re surpassing all the expectations. On about 85% of their shows, they sold out or have done very very well. So I’m impressed with that, I’m happy to be a part of it, and I just hope it keeps going.”

“Their future looks bright, so I can’t wait,” he finished.

Watch our full BTC 8 post-fight interview with Adam Assenza above!