After BTC 8 Victory, Scott Hudson Is Looking to Make UFC His Next Stop

Scott Hudson is a veteran of the Canadian MMA scene who has fought all over the world. Following BTC 8, he feels ready for his close-up.

Niagara Falls, ON — Next stop, UFC? That’s the goal for decorated Canadian mixed martial artist ‘Handsome’ Scott Hudson following BTC 8.

Looking a little less handsome after a tough defense of his super lightweight title against Jarel Askew, Hudson (11-5-1) improved his current win streak to four. His only loss since 2016 came to Kyle Prepolec, currently plying his trade in the octagon.

Speaking to Cageside Press after the bout, Hudson, who entered the fight under the weather, reflected on his BTC 8 victory, and addressed what’s to come.

“I thought that it was leaning in the direction I wanted it to go. I knew that I wanted to lean on him early and try to get him a little bit tired so I didn’t have to kickbox with him for that long,” said Hudson, following the bout at the Scotiabank Convention Center in Niagara Falls, Ontario. “Not that it’s a threat, but he’s pretty explosive, he’s really really long. And even in this fight, I felt he was landing from quite a ways away. He’s got a long reach.”

Hudson’s wrestling made all the difference in the bout. That’s something, Hudson added, that he always works on, referring to it as “one of my most valuable attributes.” And in the end, he suggested, “it’s just not going to take me very long to find the path of least resistance.”

On Saturday, that was on the ground, with Askew stacked up in awkward, uncomfortable positions. But is it enough to punch Hudson’s ticket to the UFC?

“I think it should be. I think I deserve to be there,” the BTC super lightweight champion responded. “I’m not getting any younger. All I want is the chance to compete against the best. I’m not making any other bold predictions for myself and my career. I just want my shot to be amongst the best in the world. I feel like I’m there now, I feel like I deserve to compete there.”

Asked whether he’d be open to appearing on Dana White’s Contender Series, Hudson replied that “it doesn’t really matter.”

“I don’t really feel like I’m a contender,” he admitted, “in the sense that I’m a veteran, I’ve been around. I’ve fought literally all over the world, I’ve fought guys with substantially better records than tend to be on that show.”

“I think that there’s a good chance that, if they give me a Contender Series fight, that would be a step down.”

That said, Hudson’s open to any and all ways to make it into the UFC, including the show, and a short notice bout.

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