MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from October

Emiliano Sordi vs. Sigi Pesaleli Credit: PFL

Light-heavyweight, Emiliano Sordi (20-8)

Ever since his stint on the Contender Series in 2018, Sordi is 5-1. Sordi in one night beat two fighters to advance to the PFL finals. Sordi is wild and and he showed that against Sigi landing a barrage of output. With kicks and strikes, the ref stepped in when Sigi fell to the mat. In his fight with Ataev he got it done with a RNC winning the rematch.
Grade: B+

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Lightweight, Alex Munoz (6-0)

A battle between two top prospects, Munoz took on Troy Lamson. Both being highly respected wrestlers the fight never hit the mat. While Lamson did have moments Munoz cruised to a decision win. Munoz fought both smart using footwork and technical piecing up Lamson. Munoz many times found that left to the body. At times he landed small combinations to the body-head that was really well done. Not a great fight but for being a wrestler I like what I saw from Munoz.
Grade: C

Lightweight, Tofiq Musaev (16-3)

Musaev fought a very good fighter being Damien Brown who was not long ago fighting for the UFC. Brown is a very tough and durable guy but Musaev outclassed him and got the finish in round one. Musaev fought off his back foot mixing it up beautifully. He was throwing with bad intentions including going to the legs and body frequently with his kicks. All the low kicks eventually set up a very nice head kick rocking Brown. The finish came quickly after as the ref stepped in when Brown crumpled.
Grade: A

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Bantamweight, Kai Asakura (14-1)

The fight didn’t last long but Asakura continues to impress and this time against former UFC fighter Ulka Sasaki. It was at the start of the fight that Kai landed a big left-right hook that dropped Ulka. That combo alone broke the jaw of Ulka and the ref would call a stop to the fight. That’s now six wins in a row for a top bantamweight prospect in Kai Asakura.
Grade: B

Light-heavyweight, Jiří Procházka (25-3)

Everyone who watches MMA outside the UFC/Bellator should know Jiří Procházka is the best 205er out there. He continues to build his resume and this win over former UFC fighter Fabio Maldonado only helps him. He really blew past Fabio keeping at his range and ripping combinations to the body and head. Just a simple left-right-left put Fabio away.
Grade: B-

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