Logan Paul “One Hundred Percent” Serious About Getting into MMA

Logan Paul wants to fight for the UFC after his boxing rematch with KSI this weekend.

Just days out from a boxing rematch with KSI at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Cageside Press caught up with Youtube Celeb Logan Paul — who has been pushing for a shot in the UFC.

Asked about how serious he is about getting into the sport of MMA, Paul answered “100%. The first name coming out of my mouth is Dana White. I want to fight in the UFC, and I think Dana White can make that happen.”

“I love MMA,” he continued. “I grew up wrestling, I was one of the best wrestlers in Ohio. No disrespect, what the f*ck am I doing? I’m using half of the skills that I was trained my whole life to do.”

This isn’t the first time Paul has spoken of stepping into the cage. While Dana White has balked in the past, there’s a good chance the dollar signs involved could get him to change his mind. The first boxing bout between Logan Paul and KSI, another Youtuber, earned a reported million views on the platform’s PPV service.

This time around, the fight is on DAZN, and the rematch will go on their professional records.

Paul also gave his take on Canelo Alvarez and Sergey Kovalev being made to wait while the UFC’s BMF title fight played out. The boxing mega-event took back seat to the UFC this past weekend, with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas airing the UFC card in-house for boxing fans prior to their own main event.

“I did see that. I was flipping back and forth between the fights. I think it was smart,” said Paul. “Obviously there’s going to be a cannibalization of audiences if you have both of the biggest fights in the world on the same day, same moment. But I couldn’t imagine being Canelo and Kovalev. Kovalev was like sleeping on a chair, that probably doesn’t feel great.”

“What are you going to do? It’s a business,” he added, “you’ve got to make money.”

Logan Paul vs. KSI 2 takes place November 9, live on DAZN.