UFC 244: Derrick Lewis Wishes Obama Would Have Attended UFC Event

Derrick Lewis had plenty of memorable lines, as always, following UFC 244, including his lament that Barack Obama never attended a UFC show.

New York, NY — Heavyweight Derrick Lewis thought U.S. President Donald Trump appearing at UFC 244 was “pretty cool,” he said following his three-round scrap against Blagoy Ivanov.

Or, as Derrick Lewis later called him, “the booty hole dude.” Lewis’ only complaint: “I wish Obama would have did that, but you know, it is what it is. But I think it was pretty cool.”

Thanks, Obama. Lewis, however, was his usual quotable self backstage following his split decision win against Ivanov. The booty hole comment, he said, had something to do with how “Bulgarian boys get down.”

“Ancient sh*t,” he called it. He may be thinking of ancient Greece, but that’s a history lesson for another day.

Asked about fighting Curtis Blaydes, a fellow heavyweight contender who was watching cageside Saturday night, Lewis answered that “It’d be a good fight, Curtis Blaydes. He’d take me down, I’d rest, get all the rest I can, then I’d get up and knock his ass out. Or I’m going to try to knock him out, but I don’t think he’s tough enough, like the booty hole dude I just fought.”

Another fighter that could work as an opponent for Lewis moving forward would be Greg Hardy. Lewis has been outspoken about his dislike for the man who was once convicted of domestic violence (charges were later dropped on appeal). Hardy fights Alexander Volkov next weekend.

Despite a Hardy win possibly setting up a showdown with Lewis, ‘The Black Beast’ doesn’t want to see him win. “Not at all. I want Greg Hardy to get his ass up out of the UFC, because he’s making everybody else look bad. So we don’t need him to win no more fights.”

Lewis doesn’t see Greg Hardy getting past Volkov anyway. “I don’t think so. They got on to him now, so I don’t think his ass can bring an inhaler into the cage to help him this time.”

On a more serious note, “I wanted to pace myself and not gas out,” Lewis said of his fight with Ivanov.

“His movement and everything, I couldn’t have really capitalized more than what I did, the way he moves and the way he stands and stuff like that,” he continued. “But I just really wanted to be patient, because we knew that he was really a counter-striker, so he tries to throw his right hook a lot when you come in.”

“I was real surprised that he took that much damage and didn’t go out,” Lewis admitted. “Or at least a little more wobbly than what he was. So I was just like surprised, like ‘damn, okay so what else can I do?’ So that’s when I tried to go for the booty hole.”

Watch the full UFC 244 post-fight press scrum with Derrick Lewis above!