PFL 7 2019 Results: David Michaud Pulls Off Upset Over John Howard

John Howard and David Michaud Credit: Ryan Loco / PFL

David Michaud advanced to the semifinals at PFL 7 2019 with a unanimous decision victory over fellow UFC alum John Howard.

John Howard and David Michaud, both former UFC talents, made up the final welterweight quarterfinal bout at PFL 7 2019 on Friday. Going down in Las Vegas, the event would also see semi-final bouts for the winners.

Forgoing a glove touch, instead, Howard and Michaud went right to work. Michaud went to the body, then the floodgates opened. Both men swung away. ‘Doomsday’ Howard landed some big shots. Michaud jumped for a knee. He then took the fight down, moving to side control and landing some decent ground n’ pound. Howard, however, climbed back to his feet. Michaud drove him into the cage, grinding away at the powerful fighter. After breaking free, they’d trade again, both men landing. Again, however, Michaud opted to break up the action, engaging in a clinch by thee cage. The then took Howard down from the clinch. Going to work on top, he landed shots to the body and head. Howard would explode up late, throwing hard as he did, only to be trapped in a guillotine for a few seconds before the end of the frame.

Michaud would go back to the body punch early in the second. He’d also land up top with a left. That led to a clinch by the cage, as Michaud was frankly fighting smart. However it was Howard getting the takedown in a surprise twist. Lots of time left to work, with nearly a full four minutes on the clock. Michaud tried to scramble, but couldn’t get free. He’d finally work his way up, only to be slammed back down. Michaud popped up again, and this time had to fend off a single-leg takedown with a whizzer. Footstomps were in Michaud’s bag of tricks, and he soon had Howard back against the fence.

Howard would reverse, and finish the frame pressing for a takedown, which he wouldn’t be able to secure. In the end it was Michaud getting the win. After the fight he was critical of his performance, saying he was lured into spending too much time in the pocket with Howard. And that he would have preferred a quick finish to allow more time to rest.

In any case, Michaud was set to move on to the semifinals, and a date with Glaico Franca.

Official Decision: David Michaud def. John Howard by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)