Ahead of Playoffs at PFL 7 2019, David Michaud Sees Adrenaline Dump as Biggest Factor

David Michaud
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Fifth-seeded welterweight David Michaud knows that the adrenaline dump after a fight could be a huge factor in the PFL playoffs, where he’s looking at a potential two fights in a night.

David Michaud goes up against John Howard on Friday, October 11 at PFL 7 2019. Two men who have had tumultuous regular season runs now find themselves in the playoffs. Michaud was on the wrong side of a first-round finish in his first foray but ended up on the favorable end of a first-round stoppage in his next outing. ESPN+ and ESPN 2 will broadcast the next step for David Michaud in the PFL, and we caught up with the fighter ahead of his return.

PFL Journey So Far

Sadibou Sy stood opposite David Michaud for his first PFL fight and it lasted less than 20 seconds. Michaud fell to a body shot and wasn’t able to rebound. Reflecting on the fight, he told us that “it wasn’t a relatively quick fight. It was a quick fight. We can just say it. 17 seconds… That first loss. Yeah, things change fast in the fight game.” No argument there. “That first fight, it was weird. I had a good camp. Felt like I was finally in a good place in my career.”

“After that everyone was kind of down on me,” Michaud continued. “I didn’t get any interviews or anything before that second fight. Then after the second fight, I get a first-round finish over a guy in the semi-finals last year. It’s weird how things change. Stuff happens. Just got to dust myself off. Got right back into training.”

This mentality lent itself well as Michaud rebounded with style points in his second PFL fight. Handesson Ferreira was finished via ground and pound from the crucifix position in the opening round. This netted Michaud enough points to set himself up for the playoffs and two potential fights a night. “I know that as long as I can keep moving, my mind will keep pushing me through,” said Michaud. “I’m never gonna get down on myself. If I’m in a fight, I know I can put anybody away. No matter what’s going on in a fight, I feel like I can always win.”

He continued, adding that “I like it. I’ve got that six points that put me from the bottom of the bracket. F*ck it, I’m fighting John Howard. I’m the fifth seed and I’m fighting John Howard. You just need the points to get in the tournament. Once you’re in the tournament, you’ve just got to win and stay healthy that first fight.”

PFL Playoffs

The mindset differs a bit when contemplating fighting two potential bouts in a night. David Michaud doesn’t seem altogether concerned with the cardio end of things in the cage. It’s more of the fatigue that sets in once you leave the confines of the cage.

“I’ve never really gassed out in a fight,” he told us. “I’ve had a five-round fight before; swinging up until minute 25. The hardest part is getting that recovery between fights, in my mind. Because in a fight you have a huge adrenaline dump. More than any other sport. After the fight with Howard, assuming I win, I have to not let myself get too high. Number one is to get past John Howard then number two, you start looking at not letting yourself get too worked up.”

Michaud is in a great place in his career and wouldn’t change anything for the world. This even applies to winning the million-dollar PFL prize and what he would allocate the money to should he end up winning. On that front, Michaud said, “right now I feel like I have basically all I need in my career. Maybe buy some better shin pads. That’s about it.”

The MMA Lab

Jared Cannonier is someone Michaud trains with a fair bit. He worked with him a lot ahead of Cannonier’s fight with Anderson Silva and the relationship continues today. The MMA Lab has a myriad of great fighters to work with Michaud and he has a ride or die mentality as far as his adherence to being loyal to the camp. Rounds with ONE Championship fighter James Nakashima are also another staple of his training. Michaud looks to translate this gym work with contenders from multiple promotions into big results on Friday.

David Michaud vs. John Howard goes down Friday as part of the welterweight quarterfinals. Both men have defied the odds time and again. Each fighter will be working with dogged determination to get to that second fight of the night. Two five minute rounds between these two lends itself to a unique fight unfurling. After all, Tournaments in MMA often cause all involved to expect the unexpected.

Michaud vs Howard emanates from Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, October 11.

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