MMA Prospect Watch: The Most Impressive Fighters from September

Adam Borics Credit: Bellator MMA

Flyweight, Douglas Felipe (11-1)

Not much shown on the feet, as Felipe is a grappler. He struggled the first few times to keep his opponent down but eventually, his will was too much. Felipe once in control gave no space locking down his top control. He worked for the submission many times in round one but it didn’t come till round two with a Von-Flue Choke. Now the Brazilian is on a five-fight win streak, all wins by submission.
Grade: C-

Featherweight, Adam Borics (14-0)

Not a stunning performance/finish like you usually see with Borics. He did however fight really smart against former Bellator featherweight champ Pat Curran. Borics fought on the outside staying light on his feet and picking his shots. He landed many leg kicks and snapping one-twos to maintain distance. Round 2, he landed a glancing flying knee putting Curran down. Borics spent the last minute landing ground and pound until the ref stepped in with one second left.
Grade: C

Featherweight, Jung Young Lee (7-1)

Not much to talk about in this fight as it only lasted 10 seconds. Lee landed a hard outside leg kick with a right hook behind it masking it behind a fake left uppercut. The punch landed right on the jaw putting Park out cold, followed by some extra shots until the ref stepped in. The foe he knocked out was Hae Jin Park who was a good prospect in his own right. Also in this fight, Lee retained his Road FC title.
Grade: B-
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Middleweight, Joseph Pyfer (6-0)

Pyfer fought a veteran in Matt Foster (10-12) and ran through him in within a round. Pyfer opened up aggressive with a head kick (blocked) and a power double leg slamming Foster in emphatic fashion. He got the back to rain down many unanswered strikes until the ref stepped in. Pyfer won the Ring of Combat middleweight title in this one.
Grade: B-

Light-heavyweight, Timo Feucht (8-1)

Feucht fought former UFC fighter Jeremy Kimball who was 2-0 after his release. You can tell right out of the gate that Feucht held a big speed advantage. He wasn’t landing anything significant but was cutting off the cage landing the left hand. It was the straight left landing, snapping the head back of Kimball followed by a right hand dropping him that sent the ref in.
Grade: C

Animated GIFFeatherweight, Ľudovít Klein (15-2)

Klein put on a great performance on the feet showing perfect takedown defense. Klein put it all together mixing in kicks and punches perfectly. Every time he threw it was more than one strike, always throwing combinations. Klein dropped his opponent in round one with a knee in the clinch and was close to finishing the fight. He did secure the highlight finish in round three with a beautiful head kick at the end of a combo putting the Brazilian out cold.
Grade: A

Middleweight, Kyle Daukaus (8-0)

Contender Series Season 3 competitor Daukaus defended his CFFC title for the first time in September. This came against another Contender Series fighter, Stephen Regman. Daukaus made this a grueling fight not giving Regman any space. He was heavy on the takedown attempts and did get it down eventually. He did get himself in a bad situation getting clipped with a few elbows and if there were a few more seconds at the end of the round Regman could have finished. Daukaus turned back on the heat in round two quickly closing the distance getting the trip takedown. In under a minute he sunk in his D’Arce choke for the tap.
Grade: C+

Featherweight, Collin Anglin (6-1)

Anglin did start a little slow not finding his rhythm until the end of the first round. Anglin would catch opponent Karsten at the end of the round with a counter left dropping him but the bell maybe saved him. Round two, Anglin was much more relaxed as he was moving around more, switching stances, and firing combos. He always threw with output and had a few bursts just having his opponent curl up. He set up a nice body kick going to the head first and then to the body. And that put Anglin away. What takes away from this performance is just the low level of competition.
Grade: C

Welterweight, Anthony Ivy (8-2)

Willis Black was a solid prospect with a lot of power and Ivy was able to completely naturalize him. Black did have his moments but it was the superior wrestling of Ivy that was the big difference. Ivy secured seven takedowns through three rounds and that was with good timing, setups, and execution. Ivy looked stellar on the mat with almost perfect control and showing superb ability to get dominant positions. His work ethic was wonderful along with solid cardio, never slowing down. A few times, the ref almost stepped in due to the ground and pound and he did get the TKO in the 4th round. In this fight, Ivy became the WXC welterweight champion.
Grade: B+

Middleweight, Vladimir Mineev (13-1)

After a rough start to the fight losing his balance and fighting off his back for nearly the entire round, Mineev made the adjustments and picked at his opponent while showing excellent takedown defense. It would be nice if he was a bit more aggressive but his shot selection was on point. Mineev fought really technical leading with the jab and landing some nice leg kicks. This was his second win in September.
Grade: B-