Clay Collard Plans To Enter The PFL Season Following McKee Bout

Preparing for a major PPV is PFL lightweight Clay Collard who faces AJ McKee in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Feb 24.

“He’s definitely tough. He’s got a good record,” Collard told Cageside Press.

“I think his striking is a little sloppy personally. He’s a good wrestler. I just don’t think he’s fought the level opponents as I’ve fought and I think that’s going to be the difference.”

Collard (24-11) will fight McKee at 155 pounds which is north of his opponent’s usual featherweight limit.

“He’s the same guy. He fights the same way, the same style, maybe he has a little bit more weight to him. He’s got to be a little bit smaller if he’s coming up from 45. I think he’s the same fighter same guy,” Collard said.

The weight class isn’t the only thing that’s different in this fight. Elbows, which were previously banned in PFL, are legal for this event.

“I haven’t been able to throw elbows for three years man I’m chomping at the bit man I cannot wait. When my manager called me and was like ‘hey man you know they’re allowing elbows this fight right?’. I was like a kid in a candy store,” he said.

“With all these people trying to wrestle me and hold me down, if I could have elbowed OAM (Olivier Aubin-Mercier) it would have been a completely different story I think. I’m extremely excited about throwing elbows for sure.”

Following the PPV Collard says he’s considering entering the PFL lightweight tournament once again.

“I’m going to fight this time and I’m honestly thinking about going back into the tournament and winning that belt. That means I’ve got 6 weeks, I’ve got till April, then I’m fighting again. 6-8 weeks later so and so forth,” Collard said.

“Ready to stay active. I’m in my prime, I’m young, I’m healthy. I’m just ready to f*cking scrap man.”

Watch the entire interview with Clay Collard above. He takes on AJ McKee at PFL vs. Bellator in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on Feb 24.