UFC Copenhagen Results: Ovince Saint Preux’s Von Flue Choke Strikes Again!

Ovince Saint Preux UFC
Ovince Saint Preux Credit: Mike Sloan/Sherdog.com

At UFC Copenhagen on Saturday, Michał Oleksiejczuk became the latest victim of Ovince Saint Preux’s Von Flue Choke.

Former light heavyweight contender Ovince Saint Preux returned at UFC Copenhagen, looking to pump the brakes on a two-fight losing streak. Taking on Michał Oleksiejczuk, OSP was hoping to get into the winner’s circle after dropping fights to Dominick Reyes and Nikita Krylov.

His interim title fight against Jon Jones, at this point, felt like a lifetime ago. It certainly felt that way just thirty seconds in when Oleksiejczuk was lighting up OSP to the body. Frankly, the start to OSP vs. Oleksiejczuk was like a powder keg going off. With OSP taking the brunt of it.

Saint Preux was able to shake off the body shots, but those strikes looked punishing. OSP then latched on to a leg; Oleksiejczuk tried to pull free, and Saint Preux pushed him into the fence. Finding some separation, Oleksiejczuk landed a straight left that dropped OSP! The fallen fighter looked like he might cover up, but instead grabbed onto an arm, looking for a submission. More to save himself than actually finish, though Oleksiejczuk’s arm was at a nasty angle for a moment. It was enough for Saint Preux to escape, but Oleksiejczuk went right back after him. He mixed up shots to the body and head. The American was hurting. Oleksiejczuk’s walk-forward approach, however, walked him into a counter-punch, showing OSP was still in this one.

The pair seemed to slow a little in the final minute of round one, no surprise after the avalanche of output to start the fight. Gas tank might very well play a role, should the fight go the distance. It didn’t.

In the second, Saint Preux opened with a side kick. The ref gave a warning for outstretched fingers, as he had in the first, addressing both fighters. Oleksiejczuk was swinging hard, and missed, moments later. That allowed OSP to connect with a knee to the body. That gas tank factor was already an issue for Oleksiejczuk not even halfway through the second round. Soon enough, he was on his back, with OSP looking for his trademark Von Flue Choke — and he had got it! Unbelievably, OSP had his fourth Von Flue in the UFC!

Result: Ovince Saint Preux def. Michał Oleksiejczuk by submission, Round 2, 2:14


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