Bellator 226 Results: Derek Campos Simply Dominates Ex-Champ Daniel Straus

Daniel Straus and Derek Campos, Bellator 226
Daniel Straus and Derek Campos, Bellator 226 Credit: Bellator MMA

Derek Campos may have been overlooked heading into the featherweight grand prix, but at Bellator 226 against Daniel Straus, he proved that was a grave error.

Former champ Daniel Straus took on Derek Campos in the fourth and final featherweight grand prix fight at Bellator 226 on Saturday night. Straus, who returned from a lengthy absence earlier this year, was the second former champion to compete in the tournament Saturday. He’d no doubt be hoping things would go better for him than they did for Pat Curran, who fell to Adam Borics earlier in the evening.

Campos, in something of an oddity, entered the grand prix on a three-fight losing streak. However, having fought some of Bellator’s best, he remained a threat to anyone in the tournament.

Round 1:

Straus ate a punch early in the opening round, stunning him! In a flash he was on his back, Derek Campos on top. Straus launched elbows from the bottom, while Campos made his way to half-guard. Daniel Straus would look for a kimura, perhaps in hopes of forcing Campos off him more so than actually pulling off the submission. However Campos was nearly able to mount, nearly took the back, then locked in an arm-triangle. He didn’t have it, but he was once again in full control. He would finish the round in mount, raining down punches.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 for Derek Campos.

Round 2:

The second round found Daniel Straus once again planted on his back, Derek Campos in half-guard. Straus locked him up briefly, refusing to allow him much room to work. Campos was able to slip in an elbow or two, while Straus was at a loss for how to escape. Far from the wall, unable to reverse, he looked to his corner, but Campos had soon moved to mount. Again, he set up a triangle choke.  Straus survived it but Campos remained in mount. He opened up in the final seconds, but the bell saved Straus and they headed to a third.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 for Derek Campos.

Round 3:

For the first time Saturday night, a grand prix fight went to the third round. Straus would need a finish to advance in the tournament, that much was certain. Stras fired off a number of kicks early, both high and low. Campos however shot in, fast and powerful, and completed the takedown. Given Straus’ inability to get back up in the first two rounds, that could have sealed his fate. Campos was quickly in half-guard, then locked in an arm-triangle choke and stepped over. The choke was tight, but Straus refused to tap. Campos moved back to mount. He worked the body; Straus was no closer to escaping. Campos trapped an arm and landed a couple of punches to the face of his opponent.

Somehow, in the final thirty seconds, Straus made it back up. However, he went from the frying pan into the fire. He ate a shot, and found himself rocked. Retreated as Campos fired off a knee. Campos connected again, and Straus went down. He appeared to have injured an arm or shoulder, and ate several more shots before the round came to a close.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-8 for Derek Campos

Official Result: Derek Campos def. Daniel Straus by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 30-25)