UFC 242 Results: Sarah Moras Returns to Win Column With Dominant Finish of Liana Jojua

Sarah Moras UFC
Sarah Moras UFC Ottawa Weigh-In Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Despite her underdog status, Sarah Moras put on a dominant performance at UFC 242, stopping Liana Jojua with elbows in the third round.

In women’s bantamweight action at UFC 242, Sarah Moras took on UFC newcomer Liana Jojua. The bout was technically at a catchweight of 138lbs, as Moras had come in heavy at weigh-ins, forfeiting 20% of her purse as a result. That was not a good look for Ultimate Fighter veteran Moras, who had lost three straight coming into the bout, and was desperately in need of a win.

Round 1:

Moras opened things up with a kick as both ladies felt each other out. Soon after that came the first exchange of strikes, then another. The pair would eventually work their way to the fence, with Moras using her dirty boxing and pressing Jojua up against the cage. Moras added knees, and looked for a way to take her opponent to the ground. While Jojua did a good job remaining on her feet, Moras stayed in full control. However a lack of action forced the ref to restart them in center, which led to a flurry with Jojua landing, an inadvertent clash of heads, and then Moras again tying Jojua up against the fence to end the round.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 for Sarah Moras

Round 2:

The second frame opened with Moras immediately trying to tie her opponent up again. Jojua fought her off, however, and they faced off at center. Jojua fired an overhand right that fell short. Moras pressed forward with a combo, clinched, and fired a knee, backing Jojua into the fence. She added a foot stomp, and tried to hook a leg with her own, looking for a trip. However when they did go to the ground, it was Jojua initiating the takedown and landing on top. Moras fired off elbows from the bottom, then utilized a high closed guard. Moras latched on to an arm, and was giving Jojua fits on the ground.

Jojua finally pulled free, reset, and landed a couple of heavy bombs, but Moras was able to push her opponent off with a leg and transition to top. Moras then went to work from guard. Jojua tried her own elbows from bottom, but one from Moras was far more effective. Jojua tried to lock up Moras, but more elbows and punches followed from the top.

Cageside Press scored the round 10-9 for Sarah Moras

Round 3:

Jojua landed an early takedown in the third, putting Moras on her back and working from guard. Moras again used a high guard, looking for an arm-bar or triangle, but this time, Jojua was wise to it. However, as a result, Jojua had no room to work, and eventually she backed off, allowing Moras back up. Moras then stuffed another takedown attempt, took the back, dropped a few bombs, then transitioned to mount. That allowed her to do some real damage, and forced Jojua to give up her back. She would roll back over, to avoid a choke, but wound up eating elbow after elbow, forcing the ref to call it off.

Official Result: Sarah Moras def. Liana Jojua by TKO, Round 3, 2:26