UFC 241 Sets Highest Gate in California History for MMA Event, Says Dana White


Dana White addressed Cormier’s future, Nate Diaz’s star power, and a record-setting gate at UFC 241 following the event.

Anaheim, CA — UFC 241 was a pretty hyped up card, and in the end, that showed at the box office. Speaking backstage at the event’s post-fight press conference with media outlets including Cageside Press in attendance, UFC President Dana White revealed that the PPV was a record-setting affair.

“The gate was 3.24 million, it was sold out, and it was the highest gate in California history for an MMA event,” White told reporters. Not a bad haul, and talk will likely arise about whether the heavyweight title fight, or return of Nate Diaz, was more responsible.

Regardless, it was a successful night. “What an absolute war. For two heavyweights to go in and punch, and take punches, the way they did,” White said about the main event. “And keep coming forward. When Stipe came out and was waiting for Cormier to walk, all you had to do was look at him. That guy was in phenomenal shape. Mentally he was ready for this fight, and he got hit with everything but the kitchen sink, and stayed in that fight. Then whoever in his corner told him to start going to the body the way it was, was brilliant. Incredible fight.”

Where this leaves Cormier is a big question. White considers him one of the best in the world still, but told D.C. to take time to reflect. “I don’t know what the future is for Cormier. I told him don’t think about whether you want to fight again, you don’t want to fight again, any of that stuff. Just relax, go home, spend some time with your family, and we’ll talk about that sh*t later.”

An easier question: whether Nate Diaz is officially a star. “He’s a needle-mover now,” White admitted. Of course, many have known that for years, but it will be hard to deny after UFC 241.

Asked what attracts people to the younger Diaz brother, White gave an example. “I think it’s stuff like, I did the fighter meeting and I specifically told him not to swear on ESPN. He looked right at me and said motherf*cker when he was doing his interview on ESPN.”

The UFC President recalled a headline that read “UFC Needs an Anti-Hero, and Here He Is, Nate Diaz.”

“It’s true. I said it leading up to this fight, he’s the guy that says f*ck you to the man, but he never really says f*ck you to the man. Actually every time I see him, Nate is cool,” White said. “But he just has this thing that people like.”

Watch the full UFC 241 post-fight press conference with Dana White above!

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