UFC 240: Max Holloway Says Lack of Hometown Show Is a Hawaii Thing

The UFC isn’t the reason Max Holloway has yet to headline a show in his native Hawaii, the featherweight champion said following UFC 240 in Edmonton.

Edmonton, AB — Following Max Holloway’s latest featherweight title defense at UFC 240 on Saturday night, one question quickly arose: is the UFC any closer to putting on a show in the Hawaiian’s home state? Canadians have been blessed, pun fully intended, that Holloway has taken to America’s northern neighbor. But as much as Holloway has found success on the tenth island, there’s no question he wants to fight at home.

UFC President Dana White revealed at the UFC 240 post-fight press conference in Edmonton that the promotion was no closer to making a Hawaiian show happen.

Surprisingly, Holloway, for his part, feels the blame lays with Hawaii itself.

“It’s not a UFC thing. It’s a Hawaii thing,” he told media outlets including Cageside Press on Saturday, at the UFC 240 post-fight press conference. “It’s a Hawaii thing. You got guys like Abu Dhabi building, they’re building the stadium for UFC to come. These guys are building them.” In fact, Abu Dhabi is constructing a venue for UFC 242, currently referred to simply as ‘The Arena.”

“UFC Hawaii, Hawaii, Hawaii the state or whatever, they don’t want it that bad,” Holloway said in comparison. “They don’t want it. Abu Dhabi is building the stadium as we speak right now, for a fight. And we have a stadium there [in Hawaii].”

“I just think it’s one of those things that Hawaii don’t want it that bad,” the champ reiterated. Asked if he took exception to that, Holloway answered rhetorically “you think I do?”

“I want to fight at home,” Holloway stated. “Everybody here wants to fight at home. I want to fight at home in front of my people. Thank god Canadians took your boy as their honorary captain. So I’m here, GSP move over. Next time I’m going to T-Dot city, doing a main event, I’m going to tie with him. I think it’s five.”

Holloway is referring to cards headlined. Throughout Georges St. Pierre’s storied career, he really only headlined a relatively small number of shows in Canada. “He only headlined five Canadian cards. I might catch up with him.”

Hawaii’s loss is clearly Canada’s gain.

Watch the full UFC 240 post-fight press conference with Max Holloway above!