PFL 5 2019 Results: Chris Wade Gets Tough Decision Over Akhmet Aliev

Chris Wade PFL 2 2019
Credit: Dan Doherty/Cageside Press

Chris Wade ran into some issues with Akhmet Aliev at PFL 5, but was able to leave Atlantic City with another three points.

Akhmet Aliev was one of the top seeds in the lightweight division heading into PFL 5 thanks to a first round knockout earlier this season. Chris Wade came in with three points after a hard-fought battle with Nate Andrews.

Chris Wade started the bout with a head kick and that seemed to be his strategy earlier. Keeping distance with his kicks, Aliev was eventually able to get inside and land a slick throw. Wade worked his way up, then landed a hard body kick that bothered Aliev. Wade kept him backing up with kicks. Aliev was still dangerous with his kicks, so Wade elected to secure the round with a clinch.

A head kick landed early for Wade, and he had Aliev on the ropes. Wade charged forward with kicks and Aliev responded with a flurry of wild punches. Wade clinched up in response, and Aliev hit Wade with a knee below the belt. After action resumed, Aliev was having more success with his punches, landing overhand rights. After a strong start for Wade, the groin shot seemed to turn the tide in the second.

Both men were confident heading into the third round, but Aliev was more effective in the early going. After a brief clinch exchange, Aliev landed a hard body kick that had Wade shooting for a takedown soon after. Both men were kicking effectively, then Aliev pushed him against the cage. They broke apart, then Aliev threw a few spinning back kicks to end the contest.

Chris Wade def. Akhmet Aliev by Unanimous Decision (29-28 x3)