Bellator London Results: Aaron Chalmers Back in the Win Column with Submission of Freeman

Bellator Newcastle MMA Aaron Chalmers
Credit: Bellator MMA

After a setback at Bellator Newcastle, Aaron Chalmers turned things around at Bellator London on Saturday, submitting Fred Freeman.

At Bellator London on Saturday, reality star Aaron Chalmers was back in action, looking to shake off the first loss of his pro career. That submission defeat came in February at Bellator Newcastle, giving Chalmers something to grow on. In London, he was tasked with getting the better of Fred Feeman, a 1-1 fighter who had previously lost to Baby Slice.

It wasn’t David vs. Goliath, but it was a fight Chalmers was expected to win. The reality star did just that. Starting out, Freeman launched a kick to the body early, while Chalmers looked to close the distance. He did, quickly tying his opponent up. Freeman, however, reversed. They eventually break off the cage, and a bit of action broke out in the open. Chalmers would close the distance again, in a bit of a riskier fashion, but he managed to tie Freeman up. An elbow off the break connected, and Chalmers would eventually get the fight to the ground. He was in half guard as the clock ticked down, looking to set up a submission, but they would go to the second.

Chalmers had the fight down within a minute in round two, allowing him to get to work early. He dropped some big elbows, while Fred Freeman clung to him. Chalmers worked to posture up, make space, and land more ground n’ pound. Freeman didn’t have a lot going on off the bottom, and eventually the ref decided Chalmers wasn’t doing enough to improve position. He stood them up, and Freeman quickly shot in for a takedown, which Aaron Chalmers stuffed. However, Freeman was able to grab a leg and move to top – which turned out to be a poor decision, as he wound up caught in a triangle. After failing to escape, he was forced to tap, and Aaron Chalmers was back in the winner’s circle.

Aaron Chalmers def. Fred Freeman by submission (triangle), Round 2, 4:05