BTC 6’s Jacob Bohn Recaps What Led Opponent to Fail to Answer the Bell For Third Round


Jacob Bohn overcame both a tough opponent and illness to earn the win at BTC 6 in Burlington over the weekend.

Burlington, ON — At BTC 6 on Saturday night, lightweight Jacob Bohn had the unenviable task of fighting in enemy territory. An American, Bohn was in Burlington, Ontario north of the border, facing Vladimir Kazbekov — Russian in heritage, but calling Canada home. Kazbekov had won all three of his fights under the BTC banner to that point.

That, however, changed Saturday when he failed to answer the bell for the third round. It was a grueling contest, with both men exhausted after some early action. With Kazbekov unable to continue, Bohn got the win — and he seemed pretty thankful at having avoided the third round himself post fight.

That third round, you’ve gotta suck it up, his coach to him. “I was ready to go, then he said ‘aww that’s enough.'” Bohn, for his part, was willing, but didn’t exactly seem unhappy avoiding another tough five minutes.

As for what stopped the bout in the end, it may have been a combination of factors.

“Some of the ground n’ pound,” Bohn suggested. “They’re not super powerful shots, but those add up. I was hitting them quite a few to the side of the head there.”

Bohn was looking to the ref for a stoppage at that point, which didn’t come. “They weren’t like finishing shots, but they added up. In the face a few times, a few of the elbows I shot got through, they add up.”

He also pointed out that Kazbekov “needed oxygen in the back, so maybe it was his cardio. I’m thinking it was his cardio. But you know, the shots added with his cardio, he didn’t want any more punishment.”

Bohn wasn’t feeling himself either, mainly because he took sick just days before the bout. “It just hit me like two days ago,” he told Cageside Press. “My stomach not so much, but I felt it in my throat. Then today, I’m not feeling right.”

It seems the bug moved to his stomach after all, leading to some dehydration issues, in a venue that was rather warm to begin with. Luckily, that didn’t really slow Bohn down. “It was hot but I’ve fought in hot venues before, it didn’t bother me.”

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