PFL 2 2019 Results: Lance Palmer Grinds Alex Gilpin Down

PFL 2 2019 Lance Palmer
Credit: PFL MMA

Lance Palmer went to his bread and butter to kick off his season at PFL 2 2019, wrestling Alex Gilpin with ease to earn three points.

Lance Palmer is coming off a Season 1 championship victory, so he’s looking to double his million dollars in the second season of PFL. Palmer was a two-time WSOF featherweight champion before the promotion transitioned to PFL. He’s been on a six-fight win streak since the change, earning the second seed in the featherweight bracket last year. Palmer, who now trains at Nick Catone MMA alongside Frankie Edgar, Eddie Alvarez, and Marlon Moraes, dominated top seed Steven Siler to win the championship.

Alex Gilpin is a highly-touted prospect from Wisconsin with a 12-1 record. He is coming off a D’Arce choke victory on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series that was not enough to earn a contract with the big show. Gilpin is on a seven-fight win streak, stopping six of those fighters.

Alex Gilpin blitzed Lance Palmer with a combination to kick off the final bout of the evening. Anorther blitzing combination sent Palmer backpedaling to the fence. Palmer tried for a takedown, but Gilpin avoided cleanly. Palmer tucked his chin and fired heavy hooks. One caught Gilpin and dropped him. Palmer quickly pounced on his back and worked for a choke. Gilpin defended well, but gave up full mount. Palmer postured up and Gilpin was able to sneak out into guard. Palmer ended the round on top.

The fighters traded kicks to start the second round, and Palmer shot for a takedown that Gilpin defended. Gilpin caught Palmer with a glancing hook, then drove Gilpin to the canvas to get his first takedown of the fight. Palmer was working from guard, landing some ground-and-pound. Gilpin was able to stand up then slammed Palmer to the canvas to end the round.

Palmer was no nonsense in the final round, getting a takedown into guard immediately. Palmer passed to half guard soon after, but Gilpin worked his way back. The fight returned to the feet momentarily before Palmer scored another takedown. Gilpin gave a lot of effort, but Palmer had him pinned down for the remainder of the fight.

Lance Palmer def. Alex Gilpin by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)