5 Things to Do Without UFC Fights on Tonight

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UFC Octagon Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

For the first time in a while, there are no UFC fights tonight. So what should you do with your Saturday night?

It’s a rare, rare weekend that there are no UFC fights on. Us casual fans need entertainment, right? We can’t be bothered with this barbaric Bare Knuckle Boxing event, or boxing in general. Who needs the Muay Thai Grand Prix? Not us. We only care about Conor McGregor, Brock Lesnar, and Ronda Rousey. So for all of us purists, here are five things to do tonight without UFC fights.

5. Go Out to a Nice Dinner

It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just get out of that same old Buffalo Wild Wings you always go to because they’re showing the fights on the big screen. You can get steak, burgers, sushi, or whatever. Just go someplace new. You may find another distraught fan looking for something to do. You can talk about how Conor beats Khabib the second go-around in the UFC in December.   

4. Go to the Gym

You’re usually drinking beer and eating hot wings tonight. Instead of that, how about instead of consuming 5,000 calories, you go to the gym and burn a few hundred for next weekend’s big pay-per-view. It probably won’t make make up for the fact that you’ll do the same thing next weekend, but at least you’ll feel better about yourself.

3. Go Visit Your Mom

She’s worried about you. It’s been three weeks and she hasn’t heard from you except for the text message asking her why all your white shirts came out pink and asking if she could make those wife beaters white again. If you’re lucky, she cooked and you can score a free meal. This one only applies if you don’t live with your mom.

2. Go to the Skate Park

It’s been so long since you’ve shred some lines at the local skate park. More like 10-15 years. While you’re 30 now, I’m sure you’ll fit in with all the kids there. I’m sure the ole kickflip and pop shove-it will come back to you. It’s like riding a bike, right? Plus you’re sure to be hip with the teenagers since you’ll be the only one there with the beer. What could go wrong?

1. Watch Avengers: Infinity War with your fiancée so she’s up to speed when you force her to see Endgame

This is what I’m doing tonight. Somehow, my fiancée has been living under a rock and hasn’t seen Infinity War yet. Why am I marrying her? Still trying to figure that out.

Thanks for reading! It really is hard for us fight fans not having big fights on tonight. And a special thanks to Shannon, my fiancé, who helped me think of things to put here since I had absolutely no clue what to do tonight (even though she hasn’t seen The Avengers).


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