UFC Nashville Results: Luis Pena Takes Decision Over Steven Peterson

Violent Bob Ross UFC Denver
Violent Bob Ross (Luis Pena), UFC Denver media day Credit: Mike Straus/Cageside Press

Weight struggles aside, Saturday night at UFC Nashville was another successful outing for Luis Pena, a.k.a. Violent Bob Ross.

Ultimate Fighter alum and owner of perhaps the best nick name in MMA, Luis “Violent Bob Ross” Pena made his return to the cage Saturday at UFC Nashville to face DWTNCS vet Steven Peterson. Originally scheduled at Featherweight, Pena came in 2.5 lbs over the non-title fight limit of 146lbs, costing Pena 30% of his fight purse and making this contest a catchweight. Could Luis Pena save a little face with a good showing in the octagon?

He certainly put in the effort. As did Peterson. Both men came out looking for the leg kick. Peterson pressed in and looked for the takedown. Pena defended but Peterson stuck with it and secured the take down. Pena got to his feet but Peterson had an arm-bar locked in. Pena slammed Peterson to the mat and broke free. Pena took top and looked for position, working inside of Peterson’s guard. Peterson got to his feet but he ate a right from Pena on his way up. Pena pressed him into the fence for a moment then they returned to center. Pena looked to loosen up his striking and started to land on Peterson. Peterson responded by shooting the take down and drove Pena into the fence. The two briefly exchanged on the break as the round ended.

In the second, both men can out fast with a quick exchange, then Pena looked to work his range and striking. Again Peterson shot the take down and took Pena to the mat. Peterson quickly took Pena’s back and looked for the submission. Pena shook him free and went back to landing strikes until once again they clinched against the fence. Peterson landed another take down, but Pena popped back to his feet, only to be taken down again. Peterson took Pena’s back yet again and again Pena made it back to his feet. Peterson continued to work until Pena exploded and created space allowing him to unload on Peterson again. Pena landed some good combinations and Peterson answered with a spinning back elbow. Peterson again pressed Pena back to the fence and looked for the take down against the fence. Pena attempted a Kimura then let it go to better his position. Pena again unloaded on the break as the round ended

Round three saw Peterson come right out and look to take down Pena. Pena spun from the cage to keep loading up on punches and fired off his first kick. Peterson eventually caught up with him and worked for the take down but Pena defended and he ended up on Peterson’s back for a moment. Pena looked to created space and eventually did. Peterson fired a kick then quickly went for the take down again. Pena defended again and again looked for the Kimura. Peterson escaped and took top, working from Pena’s guard. Pena escaped quickly and got on top, and now worked inside Peterson’s own guard. Peterson exploded to his feet but ate a kick to the face for the effort. He quickly went for the take down and Pena worked for defend. As seconds ticked down, Pena looked for a take down of his own to end out the round but had to settle for a couple more strikes.

Luis Pena def. Steven Peterson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)