Jon Jones Finds Lack of Trash Talk with Anthony Smith Ahead of UFC 235 Refreshing

While his drug test results were bound to come up, Jon Jones managed to focus on the positive at UFC 235’s open workouts.

Las Vegas, NV — Jon Jones’ latest drug test results came back during Thursday’s UFC 235 open workouts. That put Jones on the spot, responding to reporters eager to hear what he had to say about the situation. Jones, for his part, took it all in stride.

“I’m comfortable with the idea that this is going to be part of my career, and I don’t know how long this is going to last,” he told media outlets including Cageside Press.

“What makes me sleep good at night is knowing that I’ve submitted myself to every drug test,” he added. “I am getting tested by three of the most powerful agencies in the world. I’ve never avoided a test.”

Jones takes solace knowing that baseball players have been caught up in the same situation, with trace elements of banned substances still in their system long after they’ve served their suspensions. It’s even occurred with one other fighter to date, presumed to be Grant Dawson.

He even suggested that drug testing agencies might be “too powerful,” and is pleased that the UFC and other organizations involved are allowing athletes like him to compete. He did have one request, however. “I wish fans would not just look at the headlines, but actually click on the links and read and learn what’s going on.”

“I have no shame,” he later added on the subject. “I’ve said many times, I’ve never knowingly done anything to do any type of sports enhancers, drugs and whatnot.”

The question will likely dog Jones for years to come. However, he was able to focus on the positive at Thursday’s UFC 235 workouts. Case in point, the topic of trash talk. With Anthony Smith, there’s been virtually none.

“It’s definitely more refreshing to not have the trash talk,” Jones told reporters. “I understand when you talk a lot of trash, the pay-per-view numbers go through the roof. But in my situation, I got enough people who think I’m an asshole. So the last thing I need to be doing is cursing someone out on T.V.”

“This is definitely refreshing. I’m enjoying it.”

Jon Jones faces Anthony Smith in the main event of UFC 235 this Saturday, March 2 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The event airs live on PPV. Watch the full press scrum with Jon Jones above!