UFC Reveals New Championship Belt Ahead of Brooklyn Card

UFC legacy belt
Credit: UFC

The UFC has unveiled a new design for its championship belts — the legacy belt — and a change as far as how many belts a champion will have.

Back in the days prior to UFC 232, the UFC announced… well, something. A tiny snippet on Twitter promised a big reveal at the end of the month. Then, UFC 232 rolled around and, well, nothing. However, as expected, the promotion finally revealed their big surprise Friday. The secret (which most had already figured out)? A new design for their championship belts, called the “Legacy Belt.” The UFC announced the news on social media and in a press release Friday.

Perhaps the bigger news, however, is that champions will no longer get new belts after each title defense. Instead, one of the jewels on the belt will be replaced with a red stone. “Eight stones border the plate. For each victory in a championship bout, one of the stones will be replaced with a red stone. The date and location of the win will be engraved adjacent to the stone,” the promotion explained. The only way a fighter will have a second belt is if “he/she holds titles in multiple weight classes.”

In other words, no more Mighty Mouse style belt collection.

Remember that time one of the greatest champions of all time pretty much had to beg for his belts? Well, now it won’t matter.

Another feature of the new belt design — eight nations are represented, highlighting the first eight nations to produce UFC champions. Those would be the United States, Canada, Brazil, Netherlands, Belarus, Poland, England, and Ireland, in no particular order.

A replica version of the belt is already available for purchase.