Welcome to the UFC: Sabina Mazo

Sabina Mazo
Sabina Mazo (left) Credit: Amy Caplan/LFA

LFA flyweight champion Sabina Mazo is poised to make a huge impact on the UFC women’s flyweight division.

On December 11, 2018 it was first announced by ESPN’s Ariel Helwani that UFC would make a huge signing in the women’s flyweight division. To close out the year, the UFC would pick up LFA flyweight champion Sabina Mazo. As of now, there is no debut or opponent set but according to Helwani, she is targeting March or April.

“Colombian Queen”
Huntington Beach, California
Trains out of Kings MMA

How does Sabina Mazo fare in the UFC:

A bright star out of Colombia, and only 21 years old, Sabina Mazo is one of the best flyweight prospects in the world. Mazo is the current LFA flyweight champion with a title defense to her name. She has scored two highlight-reel head kick knockouts but in her other four bouts, she has gone the distance. Some are less than impressed that she isn’t able to put her opponents away. With that said, it’s important to get in five rounds before going to the big show.

Mazo is good at a distance with her kicks and her jab and has strong footwork. She has solid takedown defense and has an underrated ground game that hasn’t been shown yet. Mazo is very technical and can mix all her weapons together perfectly. Going the distance quite a bit has showed some top-notch cardio. It’s hard to be too confident since her level of competition hasn’t been too high, but she has future champ written all over her.

Who to book her against:

Booking two prospects against each other isn’t ideal, but a fight with Antonina Shevchenko would be extremely interesting. Both are good young talents who are fairly untested. Both these girls need a tough fight to really show their work off, so the pairing makes sense.