Natan Schulte withstood impressive striking from Rashid Magomedov and was able to keep him pinned enough to take home a million dollars at PFL 11.

Natan Schulte tore through a gauntlet of UFC veterans en route to an appearance in the PFL finals. Two decisions over Chris Wade, a draw against Johnny Case, and a first-round submission against Jason High led to Schulte’s championship appearance.

Natan Schulte landed a solid leg kick immediately, causing Rashid Magomedov to spin around. Magomedov landed a body kick leading to a clinch against the cage. Schulte was happy to keep Magomedov pinned against the cage until he landed a beautiful throw and took the back of Magomedov. The Russian slipped out and landed a pair of front kicks to the face, then the fighters began trading leg kicks. Schulte landed a combination but Magomedov responded with a leg kick and superman punch. Schulte clinched up with his opponent against the cage once again, and the round ended following a quick exchange on the feet.

Kicks from both fighters marked the start of round two. Between all the leg attacks, Schulte was attempting to establish a jab. His footwork was getting the job done, keeping Magomedov along the outside of the canvas. Magomedov went forward and accidentally poked Schulte in the eye. The referee did not like it, as he took a point away from Magomedov. Magomedov controlled the Octagon after action resumed. He has the striking advantage on the feet, but Schulte’s clinch has made this a close match.

Magomedov came out firing in the third round, throwing consistent strikes before a clinch from Schulte. Magomedov broke loose and started working the body of Schulte with a kick followed by a left hook. Schulte could not quite find his range on the feet, as Magomedov seemed to always be at the end of his punches. Schulte again worked his way to a clinch against the cage, but Magomedov was able to break free and land a combination before time expired.

A slick combination landed for Magomedov to start the fourth followed by a body kick. Schulte halted his momentum with a throw but Magomedov popped up quickly. Schulte was able to maintain the clinch as they were held up against the cage. Magomedov spun out of the cage, but it wasn’t too long before Schulte had him pushed up again. This time Schulte was able to trip Magomedov twice. In this sequence, Schulte tripped Magomedov multiple times, winning the round with his grappling.

Schulte established a Muay Thai clinch in the middle of the cage but it did not last long as Magomedov got loose. Schulte stayed on him, pushing him up against the cage and shooting for a takedown. He could not get it then, but was able to trip Magomedov in the center of the cage. Once again, Schulte had Magomedov pinned against the cage, and that is where most of the round took place. Magomedov got out with about 20 seconds left, but was only able to land one uppercut before getting clinched again.

Natan Schulte def. Rashid Magomedov by Unanimous Decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)