TUF 28 Finale Results: Macy Chiasson Submits Pannie Kianzad, Earns Ultimate Fighter Crown

Macy Chiasson
Macy Chiasson vs Allison Schmidt Credit: Dave Mandel/Invicta FC

In a standout performance, Macy Chiasson battled a gritty Pannie Kianzad, fighting off an arm-bar attempt and securing a submission win of her own at the TUF 28 Finale, becoming an ultimate fighter winner in the process!

Macy Chiasson and Pannie Kianzad had quite the bromance galmance… well let’s just say friendship by the end of The Ultimate Fighter 28. Two of the bright spots of the season, they were set to collide at the TUF 28 Finale, however. Only one could be crowned The Ultimate Fighter, but which? Chiasson had the more impressive finish in the semi-finals of the show, but Kianzad had an edge in experience and quality of competition.

Chiasson moved straight in on Kianzad early, changing levels and looking for an opening. Kianzad worked to stay out of range, only for Chiasson to drive her into the fence. Working on a single leg, she was forced to abandon the attempt, but remained in control. The pair traded knees, Pannie, however, was spending precious minutes with her back to the cage. Not a position she was going to really earn any points from. Chiasson continued to fire knees, and went back to a single leg attempt briefly. As the round wore down Chiasson got her opponent to the ground, took her back, locked in a body lock, and tried to slip her arm under Kianzad’s chin for a rear-naked choke.

The bell would sound, however, before she could secure the submission. Kiazad lived to see the second frame, but she needed a different approach. And to spend far less time with her back to the fence. However, Chiasson rocked and dropped Pannie early in the second, though when Chiasson followed her to the ground, she walked into an arm-bar attempt. Chiasson  stepped over Kianzad’s body to escape, then took the back and got hooks in. She got her arm under the chin, and this time, there was no mistake! Macy Chiasson finished Pannie Kianzad to become the first woman to win The Ultimate Fighter at featherweight!

Macy Chiasson def. Pannie Kianzad by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2, 2:11