KSW 45: Max Nunes Bails On Event, Fighters Weigh In

KSW 45
Phil De Fries and Karol Beforf ahead of KSW 45 Credit: KSW

All fighters weighed in successfully for tomorrow’s KSW 45 on Friday. Well, except for Max Nunes, who bailed on the event with two day’s notice.

There’s a lot of MMA going down this weekend. And we do mean a lot. The PFL, ONE Championship, KSW, and UFC all have events spread between Friday and Saturday. And while much of the attention is on Conor McGregor and UFC 229, there are some other intriguing cards as well. Case in point: KSW 45. The promotion’s return to London’s Wembley Arena goes down October 6, and fighters hit the scales Friday. All but Max Nunes, who no-showed the event.

In a press release distributed early Friday, KSW officials stated that Nunes was off the card despite their best efforts to make allowances for the fighter.

“He didn’t supply his medicals on time and missed every deadline we gave him in the build-up to the event,” said KSW Sports Director Wojsław Rysiewski. “Then the morning he was scheduled to arrive at the fighter hotel, when there was still time to submit everything, he sent a text message saying he wasn’t going to come. This leaving us without a fight just two days away. Wagner Prado flew from Brazil to Poland a week before the fight and has been a consummate professional about the whole thing. Thankfully we found a replacement for him on such short notice in Lukasz Parobiec. Huge respect for both Prado and Parobiec for accepting this fight.”

A BAMMA veteran, Nunes (17-5) had most recently been fighting in ACB, but has not entered the cage since July of 2017. Replacement Parobiec (13-7-1) is also a vet of BAMMA, and like Nunes last fought for ACB, in February of last year. Opponent Wagner Prado (14-3, 1NC), meanwhile, previously fought for the UFC, and is on a two-fight winning streak.

At Friday’s weigh-ins, meanwhile, all athletes made weight. Heavyweight champion Phil De Fries defends his title against Karol Beforf in the main event.

KSW 45: Weigh In Results

Heavyweight Title: Phil De Fries (263lbs/119.5kg) vs. Karol Bedorf (260lbs/117.9kg)
Heavyweight: Erko Jun (224lbs/101.6kg) vs. Popek Monster (259lbs/117.4kg)
Middleweight: Michał Materla (186lbs/84.4kg) vs. Damian Janikowski (186lbs/84.4kg)
Welterweight Title: Dricus Du Plessis (170lbs/77.1kg) vs. Roberto Soldic (170lbs/77.1kg)
Middleweight: Marcin Wójcik (186lbs/84.3kg) vs. Scott Askham (185lbs/84kg)
Heavyweight: James McSweeney (248lbs/112.7kg) vs. Thiago Silva (223lbs/101.1kg)
Heavyweight: Wagner Prado ( 223lbs/101.1kg) vs. Lukasz Parobiec (232lbs/105.5kg)
Light Heavyweight: Akop Szostak (203lbs/92.1kg) vs. Jamie Sloane (206lbs/93.5kg)
Lightweight: Leszek Krakowski (155lbs/70.4kg) vs. Alfie Davis (156lbs/70.6kg)