Kumite 1 Leauge’s Yadwinder Singh: Indian MMA Has a Bright Future

Yadwinder Singh
Yadwinder Singh Credit: Youtube

WSOF veteran Yadwinder Singh got to experience the Kumite 1 League scoring system first hand over the weekend, as he became the first fighter to win a decision under the league’s software-based points system.

On September 29, India’s Kumite 1 League held its first ever event in the legendary NSCI Dome in Mumbai, India. The event, which was attended by former boxing world champion Mike Tyson (who lent his image to the show), saw Team India take on Team UAE. In the opening main card bout of the event, Team India’s Yadwinder Singh took on Mohd. Al Azzani of Team UAE.  After a grueling three round fight, Singh managed to rack up the decision win by a score of 11-5. If you’re confused by that score in MMA, well, there’s a reason. Forgoing the traditional three-judge, 10 point must scoring system, Kumite 1 League has opted to use a software solution. The software in question is controlled by seven operators, calculating striking, takedowns, and other aspects of the fight.

At Kumite 1 League’s inaugural event, Singh dominated the fight using takedowns and controlled the fight to win via decision. After the bout Singh took some time off to answer questions about the league, his future, injuries and more.

  1. How are you feeling after fighting in Kumite 1 League?

Singh: Felt good. Entering 2018 I was on a two year break. I fought in May and suffered an injury. So I barely had a month to prepare. Despite that I managed to get the win. I think Kumite 1 League is an amazing platform for Indian MMA fighters.

2. You are the first person to have actually fought to a decision under the software scoring rules. What are your thoughts on the software being used for the match?

Singh: The software was a very new concept. It was a bit tricky. However, during the fight one doesn’t really notice the score board and stuff. I was fighting the way I usually do.

3. Do you think the software should be used in future?

Singh: The software hasn’t been created by one man, there have been several people who have invested their time and money in the entire concept. Maybe I am thinking from a particular point of view and they have different way of viewing a fight. So for now, I wouldn’t want to comment on this.

4. What is the future of Indian MMA?

Singh: Indian MMA has a bright future. There going to be many top level MMA fighters from India. Some of the best fighters in the world are going to be from Kumite 1 League.

5. Would you want to continue with Kumite 1 League?

Singh:  Yes. It’s an amazing platform for Indian MMA fighters. I would for sure want to continue with them.