Dmitry Batok: Kumite 1 League Scoring System Doesn’t Matter Since He Plans On Always Winning

Dmitry Batok Kumite 1 League
Dmitry Batok Credit: SONY SIX

Ukraine’s Dmitry Batok got a chance to visit India for Kumite 1 League, and made the most of the trip, becoming the first fighter representing Team UAE to earn a decision win at the event. Not that Batok is at all worried about judging or scoring.

India’s Kumite 1 League held its first ever card over the weekend, going down in Mumbai, India. The inaugural event, which was attended by boxing legend Mike Tyson, saw Team India take on Team UAE. In the third bout of the evening Dmitry Batok from Team UAE took on Team India’s Antonio Gordillo. The two middleweights locked horns in the NSCI Dome and managed to get the crowd involved almost immediately in their match-up. After three hard rounds, Dmitry Batok was able to earn the win, in the process picking up the first victory for Team UAE by decision.

In a slight quirk, Batok was one of the foreign fighters allowed to compete for one of the teams (India and United Arab Emirates) under the Kumite 1 League rules. Batok, who has not lost a fight since 2011, is originally from the Ukraine. With the win over the weekend, he now has improved his record to 7-3 and is on a seven fight winning streak. He took time off after the fight to talk about his experience in India.

1. What was it like to compete in Kumite 1 League?

Batok: I am glad to be here and to be a part of this league. I am very pleased to get great experience in India. I want to show great fights and submissions to India.

2. What are your thoughts on the software being used (for scoring)?

Batok: It doesn’t matter because I won. For me it doesn’t matter, for me the way you count or score the fight doesn’t matter. I am always going to win. I dominated, I showed I was better.

3. How has your experience in India been?

Batok: Very pleased to be here. I wanted to get to India for a long time now. After I had read the book Shantaram I wanted to come here. The hero of the book was from India. It is a dream come true. In Mumbai people [are different] than Europe. People here smile a lot and are very open. People here are very nice. It was really great for us.

4. Would you want to continue with Kumite 1 League?

Batok: Yes, of course. I [am] directed to a belt. I want a belt.

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