Pros React to Another Violent Victory by Aaron Pico at Bellator 206

Aaron Pico, Bellator 199
Aaron Pico, Bellator 199 post-fight Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Aaron Pico smashed his most notable opponent to date at Bellator 206, leaving fans and pros alike impressed.

Aaron Pico has certainly earned his hot prospect and prodigy labels in MMA. Now 4-1 as a pro, Pico earned his latest win on Saturday night at Bellator 206 in San Jose. There, he absolutely demolished former bantamweight title challenger Leandro Higo within a round. While Higo had some success with leg kicks and the odd punch early, it was Pico knocking him down with a thunderous left. Following up with hammer fists. In fact, the only reason the fight went as long as it did was a brutal non-stoppage by the ref, who seemed to enjoy the sight of Leandro Higo being battered senseless.

Higo managed to make it back to his feet, only to be dropped by Pico again. A few follow-up strikes, and the ref finally, mercifully, called it off. An impressive showing by Pico, again. A violent victory by Pico, again, who is quickly becoming one of the most action-packed fighters in the 145lb division, in any promotion.

The hype train is going full speed ahead. You can check out what Pico’s fellow pros thought of the action below, as the pros react to Aaron Pico’s Bellator 206 victory over Leandro Higo!