Mary Almario on Possibility of Turning Pro, Victory at LFA 45

In the still growing women’s flyweight division, new stars are always being sought after. At LFA 45, Mary Almario got her first in-cage experience,

One of the quirks of the Legacy Fighting Alliance is the inclusion of amateur bouts on their cards. It’s a hybrid approach that helps build the sport, giving the opportunity for green fighters to get their feet wet — sometimes for the first time. That was the case with Stanton, CA’s Mary Almario at LFA 45 Friday night. Almario was making her fighting debut, an amateur bout opposite Ambar De La Herran.

De La Herran was making her debut on the night as well. Yet it was Almario who came out on top, earning a unanimous decision win. After the bout, we caught up with Mary Almario about the fight, and turning pro.

“I feel like maybe sometime next year,” she said about the possibility of going pro, which would likely come under the LFA banner at least initially. “Now I have more time to dedicate to training; because of that, I’ve been doing a lot of grappling tournaments, even wrestling tournaments.”

The added experience “helps me for fighting. Pretty soon it [going pro] will come, it’ll just be up to my coach. If he sees that I’m working my ass off and putting time in and putting work in, maybe we’ll get there sooner. We’ll see.”

See our full LFA 45 post-fight interview with Mary Almario above!