LFA 45: Blake Troop Wants to Eat Your Lunch, Steal You Girlfriend After Beating You


In a sport known for its characters, Blake Troop is a little bit Rampage Jackson (chain and all), little bit Conor McGregor, and of late, a whole lot dominant.

LFA 45 saw finishes aplenty. That’s been one of the bigger themes coming out of their show Friday night at the Morongo Casino, Resort & Spa in Cabazon, California. Among them, Blake Troop, who earned a TKO finish in just under ninety seconds against James Cannon. Troop started his career trading wins and losses, and suffered defeat early on at the hands of current UFC star Khalil Rountree. Yet in the past eighteen months or so, Troop has picked up four straight wins, with the Cannon victory the most recent.

Impressively, all four of those wins have been stoppages. Three TKOs, and a submission.

We caught up with Troop immediately after his LFA 45 bout, where he talked about his continued dominance in the light heavyweight division. While decked out in a Rampage Jackson style chain, and cutting promos like Conor McGregor or Chael Sonnen.

“It felt great,” Troop said of the win, one in which he admitted he “didn’t really have a game plan.”

“I was going to play it [by ear] for the first three minutes,” he told us. “I told my coaches, ‘let me know when three minutes is up. I want to show some of my stand-up, piece him up a little bit, and if he’s still alive after three minutes, then I’ll finish him.'”

Finish him he did, though not before Cannon tried a submission attempt of his own, a guillotine. Troop, however, was never concerned. Going into full promotional mode, he exclaimed “I tell people, I’m gonna grab you, pick you up, spin you around, slam you on your head, tie you in a pretzel, eat your lunch, steal your girlfriend, and then I’m going to tap you out, or beat your head in.”

“And that’s what happened,” he finished, before adding “Well I wasn’t trying to steal his girlfriend, I don’t know if you saw her.” Savage.

Check out our full post-fight chat with LFA 45’s Blake Troop above!

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