TUF 27 Finale Results: Montana De La Rosa Scores Late Submission Over Rachael Ostovich

Montana De La Rosa UFC
Montana De La Rosa Credit: UFC.tv

The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale featured a battle of TUF 26 flyweight alumni in Rachael Ostovich and Montana De La Rosa, with the latter coming out on top.

In a new flyweight division, one win can put you not far out of a title shot. For Rachael Ostovich and Montana De La Rosa, a bout at the TUF 27 Finale allowed them a chance to get themselves into the rankings and into title contention. The bout went down on the televised prelims of the Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale, and in the end Montana De La Rosa might’ve just made her case to break into the rankings.

In round one, Ostovich struggled with getting in on De La Rosa. Anytime she attempted to move in she’d be tagged by De La Rosa, who was the far taller fighter with longer reach. Ostovich also struggled with putting pressure on her, as De La Rosa just held her ground in the center of the octagon for the majority of round one.

In round two Ostovich looked to land some inside leg kicks and also looked to land the big overhand right, but couldn’t get it to connect. Ostovich threw a kick that was caught by De La Rosa who attempted to bring her to the ground. She couldn’t get her down, and instead put her up against the fence before circling off. Ostovich started to land on the feet which lead to De Le Rosa trying to bring the fight to the ground.

Round three featured both fighters attempting to find a finish, with Ostovich rolling for an armbar. She was unable to complete the submission, and a transition saw De La Rosa land on top. As De La Rosa landed on top she moved into mount and went to the back. There she began landing some ground and pound. De La Rosa eventually locked up a rear-naked choke, and that was all she wrote.

Montana de la Rosa def. Rachel Ostovich by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 3, 4:21