DWTNCS 11 Results and Recap — Shevchenko, Te Edwards Earn Contracts

Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series Credit: UFC

A familiar name anchored the featured fight on week three of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series’ second season.

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series (DWTNCS) returned in week three with a big name in the featured fight: Antonina Shevchenko, sister of UFC women’s bantamweight title challenger and now top flyweight Valentina Shevchenko. There was no doubt that her addition to the streaming series would add eyeballs, the question was, could she win her way into the UFC and joined her more tenured sister?

Aside from Antonina, DWTNCS 11 boasted a heavyweight tilt between Greg Rebello and Josh Parisian. Rebello headed into the night at 24-8, having started his pro career in 2005. At age 36, this was likely his big, and last, shot to break into the UFC. Opposite him in the cage in Las Vegas the TUF gym would be Josh Parisian, who came in at 6-2.

Also on the DWTNCS 11 card, lightweights Austin Tweedy and Te Edwards threw down in the co-main event slot.

Check back come fight time, starting at 8PM EST, for full results and a recap of the night’s action!

Tim Caron vs. Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams, a type 1 diabetic who does not cut weight as a result, came out first but found himself reversed and pressed into the cage early. However, he was able to break free and get Caron to the ground. Working in guard, Williams landed a number of heavy body shots to Caron’s side; Williams briefly stepped over into half guard, before moving back to Caron’s guard. A second transition to half guard stuck, however, and Williams looked to pull his leg free in order to mount. While Caron would keep him from mounting, Williams was able to land some big elbows, including one in the final seconds of the round as they got back to the feet. Williams would finish the round by throwing Caron back down by the fence and landing a few more bombs.

Caron was being forced back early in round two, eating a number of combinations. Williams hoisted up and took his opponent down as Caron attempted to latch on to his neck. Again, Caron found himself with Williams in guard. From there, the round was virtually identical to the first (and yes, you can read that in Mike Goldberg’s voice). Body shots, elbows, and Williams in full control. Caron was desperately in need of a finish heading into the third.

Williams opened round three with a combination, backing Caron up. Caron fought off a takedown attempt, but fell victim to another combination, then another. A left hand made contact. Just under a minute in, Williams landed an easy double, and Caron was once again on his back. Not at all where he wanted to be. This time, Williams, once again working the body and smashing Caron with elbows, earned the finish. Caron, on his back, simply wasn’t defending, and the ref waved it off after a number of elbows to the head.

Jordan Williams def. Tim Caron by TKO, Round 3, 3:37

Julian Erosa vs. Jamall Emmers

Julian Erosa entered DWTNCS as a rarity — a fighter who had already been in the UFC, going 1-1 before being cut in 2016. Jamall Emmers initially refused to touch gloves to start this featherweight scrap, but changed his mind about thirty seconds in. Erosa fired off a combination, and both fighters looked to find their range. Emmers fired off a spinning kick, but was a little too close to his opponent. Erosa landed a left and slipped back out of harm’s way, however, Emmers cornered him along the cage, forcing Erosa into a clinch. Off the break, Emmers began connecting with a number of strikes including his right hand.

Erosa switched stances, but ate another right. Continuing to switch stances, Erosa fired off a kick to the body; Emmers launched a combination looking to close distance. A knee by Erosa followed, but didn’t have enough on it to wobble Emmers. The pair swung away to end the round; Erosa was then knocked to his back by an Emmers jab just as the round came to a close.

Erosa and Emmers opened round two trading blow after blow in the pocket, as the bout threatened to devolve into a brawl. A left head kick by Emmers then finished the round, and fight, as quickly as it had started! While Emmers was able to partially block the blow, he went down, and stayed down for a while recovering.

Julian Erosa def. Jamall Emmers by knockout (head kick), Round 1, 1:10

Greg Rebello vs. Josh Parisian

Greg Rebello was visibly the much smaller man in this heavyweight contest, with Josh Parisian having cut weight to make the 265lb limit. Surprisingly it was Parisian throwing spinning kicks to start, and flashing his jab to keep Rebello at distance. Parisian added in a spinning back fist, and connected with an elbow in the clinch. Rebello managed to regroup and fire off a couple of punches, but Parisian continued to impress. A spinning back kick connected to the mid-section, then another spinning back fist connected for the finish! Parisian threw a few extra punches to the downed Rebello, and Herb Dean waved it off!

Josh Parisian def. Greg Rebello by TKO, Round 1, 1:31

Austin Tweedy vs. Te Edwards

At lightweight, Tweedy vs. Edwards saw two fighters on solid win streaks throw down. One of those win streaks was coming to an end, of course. And it wouldn’t take long. Te Edwards would launch a right hand that dropped Tweedy just seconds in! One punch knockout, a walk-off KO.

Te Edwards def. Austin Tweedy by knockout, Round 1, 0:28

Antonina Shevchenko vs. Jaimee Nievera

Valentina Shevchenko’s sister Antonina was in the top spot at DWTNCS 11, taking on Jaimee Nievera. Nivera entered the night on a three fight win streak, while Shevchenko was a perfect 5-0 coming into the contender series.

Shevchenko fended off early takedown attempts from Nievera, and locked on with a Thai clinch, throwing knees. However, Nievera was able to land a throw and work for an arm-bar, which Shevchenko rolled through. Ending up in guard, Shevchenko stayed heavy on top while Nievera kept her guard closed. Shevchenko then postured up, landed a couple of heavy punches, briefly looked to escape but instead re-engaged and landed some more ground n’ pound. As they did get back up, Shevchenko once again utilized a Thai clinch to land knee after knee. Nievera would drop down looking for a takedown but instead wound up on bottom. Shevchenko began landing bombs along the cage, and Nievera was opened up and bleeding badly. The cage side physician ruled she could continue, however, and she managed to escape the round.

Shevchenko displayed her striking acumen again in round two, launching a front push kick, then going upstairs again with a kick to the side of the head. Nievera needed to get he fight to the ground – but she needed to get on top. Instead, Shevchenko was able to fire off combinations, close distance, toss in an overhand elbow, then grab for another Thai clinch. They’d break, but Nievera’s cut had opened up again, while Shevchenko still looked fresh as a daisy. With two minutes to go in the round Shevchenko began unleashing knee after knee once again in the clich, with Nievera holding on and covering up. Another, and another, and another knee connected until Herb Dean had enough. He waved it off and Nievera immediately slumped to the ground.

When the dust had settled, UFC President Dana White announced two fighters had earned contracts. Antonina Shevchenko will join sister Valentina in the UFC, and Te Edwards is in as well. In addition, heavyweight Josh Parisian will join the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. White stated that Julian Erosa has a high probability of being brought in as a short-notice replacement, saying it was “definitely worth his time” to appear on the show.

Antonina Shevchenko def. Jaimee Nievera by TKO, Round 2, 3:22

Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series 11 Results:

Antonina Shevchenko def. Jaimee Nievera by TKO, Round 2, 3:22
Te Edwards def. Austin Tweedy by knockout, Round 1, 0:28
Josh Parisian def. Greg Rebello by TKO, Round 1, 1:31
Julian Erosa def. Jamall Emmers by knockout (head kick), Round 1, 1:10
Jordan Williams def. Tim Caron by TKO, Round 3, 3:37


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