TUF 27’s Dulani Perry “Whippin’ Ass and Getting Cash”

Dulani Perry TUF 27
Dulani Perry Credit: Fox Sports/UFC

The Ultimate Fighter may be nearing the end of its impressive 14-year run, however, the show that is responsible for saving the sport still has some fight left in it. Something the current season, TUF 27, is proving.

The Ultimate Fighter formula has largely stayed the same: round up a dozen or so of the best fighters outside the UFC, force them to live together for a month, give them as much alcohol as they like, and let them fight. It’s a formula that’s bound to create conflict, something reality TV thrives on. Perhaps no fighter this season has made more enemies in the TUF house than Dulani Perry. Otherwise known as ‘The Fight God,’ Perry is a brash, confident, young man, who is unapologetic yet methodical in his actions.

“Whippin’ ass and getting cash, that’s how my slogan goes.”

“It’s all about perception,” the Queens, New York native told Cageside Press.

“I’m just me, that’s all I can be. ‘The Fight God’ Dulani Perry, never been beat, never gonna be beat. Whippin’ ass and getting cash, that’s how my slogan goes.”

Perry uses his charisma in a unique way. That is, at times he is soft-spoken but passionate, other times his temper gets the best of him. “Once I realized I could get paid to fight, it changed my world,” ‘The Fight God’ explained.

“I dedicate my life to this [MMA] now, and I maximize my potential in it,” Perry continued, “I plan to soon be the face of mixed martial arts; nobody is as marketable as me in the sport, nobody has the swag like me.”

At first glance, it would be easy to write off ‘The Fight God’ as the latest in a long line of McGregor copycats. However, underneath the surface bravado lies a compassionate man of the people. “I want to represent for young black youth in the inner-city,” Perry proclaimed.

“What I’m doing is not just for myself, I’m doing this to motivate and inspire others to be all they can be,” he elaborated. “I already have everything I could ever need, there is no selfishness here, I’m doing this to open eyes for others.”

As for those inner-city kids Perry is trying to reach, he offers a bit of advice: “You can still fight, you can still beat people’s ass, but why not get paid for it?”

“Just change that negative energy into a positive one and take control of your life,” he finished.

Love him or hate him, ‘The Fight God’ is on a mission; will his quest to become the next Ultimate Fighter end tonight? Tune in to TUF 27 ‘Undefeated’ tonight on FS1 10/9c.