Jon Fitch on Possible Bellator Signing: “Hopefully the Stars Align”

PFL Jon Fitch Bellator
Adam Etheridge/Wikimedia Commons

We spoke to longtime welterweight staple Jon Fitch, who is weighing his options as a free agent, including Bellator.

Bellator MMA made headlines last week when they released 13 fighters from their contracts, however, does the Viacom-owned company have their eye on veteran free agent Jon Fitch?

Fitch himself brought some attention to this very question when he teased a possible Bellator debut a few weeks ago, as it turns out they’re not his only suitors.

Cageside Press had a chance to speak with the one-time UFC title challenger about where he plans on competing next, hitting his physical peak, and more.

There are not too many fighters out there that have put the work in that Fitch has over his 15-plus year career, he has reached the pinnacle in each promotion capturing gold in each, only the UFC title eluding him. So what’s next for Fort Wayne’s finest? “I’m officially a free agent,” says Fitch.

“I’ve got options, there is more than one show in town, but most importantly I just want to make sure I do what’s best for me. I’m 40 now, so that means I’ve got to work smarter as well as harder.”

As far as his options go, “Of course, there is Bellator and there are a couple other promotions too but I don’t really want to name then, I’m hoping to sign with Bellator soon, we’re just trying to get the right numbers.”

Fitch added, “Bellator was the first promotion we contacted, crazy Bob Cook and Scott Coker have a long history and a good relationship together, plus I’m local here in San Jose, so it would just be a good fit, hopefully the stars are aligned.”

In the sport of MMA, athletes usually start showing signs of slowing down or aging in their mid to late 30s, some don’t even make it that long, and others like Fitch, well they seem to get better with age.

“I am like a fine wine or fine whiskey,” Fitch joked. “I just hope I can find my athletic peak before my body breaks down, the good thing is that I was kind of a late start [in MMA], I didn’t have my first fight till I was in my mid 20’s.”

For pretty much his entire career, Fitch has been sharpening his skills at AKA, and after a decade of grinding away, you can still find him there most days. “Still at AKA,” says Fitch. “I do train at some other places from time to time or if I’m traveling or something, but AKA is my home, all the guys there are family.”

Where will the man with one of the finest mean mugs in all of MMA wind up competing in 2018? Bellator MMA? Perhaps, but for now, we must sit and wait and hope the stars align for Jon Fitch and Bellator.