Four Fights, Four Weeks, Four States: The Incomparable Dominic Martin

Dominic Martin
Dominic Martin Credit: Youtube

Four fights in four weeks, in four different states? That’s something out of a bygone era, yet Dominic Martin jumped at the chance.

The sport of mixed martial arts is a rapidly changing landscape; the sport as we know it has only been around since 2001. When the Fertitta brothers purchased the UFC and Dana White ushered in the new era of MMA, the floodgates were open.

Although the sport as we know it is seventeen years old now, we have already bore witness to countless ebbs and flows the sport has taken. Among those, fighters just don’t take fights like they used too.

It almost seems laughable that a combat sports athlete would be able to turn down a fight, but this is the unfortunate state of the sport. The good news is, not all fighters turn down fights, and every now and again a special kind of fighter comes through the ranks.

An individual that has ‘IT’, a throw back to the good old days of MMA, a fighter who isn’t afraid to take four fights, in four states, in four weeks.

Cageside Press recently sat down with Dominic Martin to talk about his career, working with coach Spencer Fisher, and his incomparable four fights in four weeks.

As if Martin’s crazy fight schedule wasn’t taxing enough, he just got over a bout with food poisoning. How is the young prospect feeling now?

“Oh man, I feel a lot better now,” Martin said regarding his recent illness. “I just felt so terrible, food poisoning is no joke.” Indeed, it’s not.

Perhaps the demand that Martin is putting his body through is weakening his constitution.

What would possess a young fighter to take four fights in four weeks in four different states? “They (King of the Cage) asked me if I could fill in on an important fight,” Martin explained. “So, I did”.

“I filled in on a couple days’ notice because this guy’s opponent dropped out of the fight, it was an important fight for the promotion and for this guy. He sold something like 150 tickets, so he deserved to fight, so I filled in.”

That attitude is admirable and quite honestly, you just don’t see that kind of sportsmanship in MMA anymore, especially on the amateur scene.

Talking with the midwestern standout you quickly realize this kid is special. At only 21 years he has a sort of wise beyond his years demeanor.

Martin is a throwback and you can thank his first MMA coach and mentor Spencer ‘The King’ Fisher for that. However, recently Fisher moved back to North Carolina to spend more time with his family leaving Martin a man without a camp.

“Spencer is awesome,” Martin said. “Right now, I’m looking to get in with a good camp like Jacksons (Jackson Wink MMA) or Alpha Male, no one has gotten back to me, maybe I don’t have a big enough name yet.”

“They could be missing out on the next Conor McGregor,” Martin said regarding high profile camps passing on him.

Getting noticed is just a matter of time for the young man known as ‘The Heat”.

“Look, since I’ve taken all these fights in a 30-day period people are starting to call for interviews and take notice,” said Martin. Guilty as charged Sir.

To be fair though, I have had my eye on Martin for some time; being a Midwesterner we tend to have an affinity for our brethren.

Martin entered the cage for the fourth time in a month this Saturday night at King of the Cage: Stone Cold @ the Menominee Casino Resort in Keshena, Wisconsin.