ONE Championship: Total Victory Results and Recap

Kairat Akhmetov to appear at ONE Championship: Total Victory
Kairat Akhmetov. Credit: ONE Championship

ONE Championship returned to Jakarta, Indonesia on Saturday with ONE Championship: Total Victory. Featuring a main event of former flyweight champ Kairat Akhmetov taking on Philippine’s Geje Eustaquio, the event lacked a title fight at the top, but was focused on setting up future challengers in the 125lb division. In the co-main event of the evening, Indonesia’s own Stefer Rahardian squared off in another flyweight battle against Cambodia’s Sim Bunsrun.

Elsewhere on the card, heavyweight Alain Ngalani was set to do battle with Japan’s Hideki Sekine.

The action got underway bright and early in the west, airing on PPV via ONE and The Fight Network in Canada.

Check back come fight time for results and a full main card recap from ONE Championship: Total Victory!

Phat Soda vs. Adrian Matheis

Strawweight action kicked off the ONE Championship: Total Victory card as Cambodia’s Phat Soda took on ONE Championship Indonesian strawweight tournament winner Adrian Matheis.

To the adoration of the crowd, the pair exchanged early, throwing heavy leather before a takedown by the fence saw Soda land on top, in Matheis’ guard. They were back to the feet in a flash, however, but Soda again worked for a takedown and wound up right back in his opponent’s guard. An exciting scramble led to Matheis on top looking for a submission while Soda employed a rubber guard; he began looking for a triangle as he snuck his leg up towards his opponent’s neck. However, Matheis broke free, landed some ground and pound, then swiftly took the back of Phat Soda and dragged him to the canvas, where he locked in the rear-naked choke. Soda was out, and the ref waved it off instantly!

Adrian Matheis def. Phat Soda by submission, Round 1, 3:11

Liu De Li Ge Ri Hu vs. Ramon Gonzales

A striker vs. grappler bout at flyweight was next up on the card, as China’s Liu De Li Ge Ri Hu faced Philippines’ Ramon Gonzales. Gonzales held the center of the cage early and pressed the action, but a low blow paused the affair early. Once the fight was back underway, the same pattern played out, with the Chinese fighter sitting back, and Gonzales controlling the cage. Just past the halfway mark, Liu clinched and managed a throw to score the takedown, but Gonzales landed on top. Gonzales would struggle to make anything happen at first, but as the final minute arrived he managed to get in sound ground and pound and take the back. Liu fought his way up and actually pulled guard for a guillotine attempt that immediately fell through, but it did succeed in getting him out of harm’s way. Gonzales finished the round with a flashy rolling thunder kick, and while it didn’t land flush he likely took the round anyway.

Round two again started tentative, but Gonzales finished a takedown near the three minute mark as Liu tried to lock in a guillotine. Once on the ground, Gonzales wasted little time locking in an arm triangle choke that gave him the finish!

Ramon Gonzales def. Liu De Li Ge Ri Hu by submission (arm triangle choke), Round 2, 1:52

Jeremy Meciaz vs. Hisyam Samsudin

A crazy start saw Meciaz and Samsudin swinging for the fences the moment the bell sounded to open their featherweight fight. Thirty seconds in, Samsudin put Meciaz on his back. A leg lock attempt, and a knee bar attempt, followed. Hisyam Samsudin then broke free, landed several knees to the head of Meciaz, then added in some elbows that forced the ref to wave the fight off. Wow, total violence from start to finish!

Hisyam Samsudin def. Jeremy Meciaz by TKO, Round 1, 2:47

Yago Bryan vs. Roy Doliguez

In strawweight action, Brazil’s Yago Bryan was on the attack while Roy Doliguez looked to counter early in the first round of their main card battle. At the three minute mark an exchange led to a Bryan grabbing a body lock, which in turn saw him land a takedown and wind up in Doliguez’s guard. Against the fence, Bryan was looking for room to work, while Doliguez threw some short punches from the bottom but could not wall walk or otherwise escape. He’d stay on his back until the dying moments of the ground, and Bryan was clearly up after the first.

Round two saw similar action on the feet, and again Yago Bryan was able to secure a body lock that let him throw Doliguez to the canvas. This time, Doliguez tried to scramble back to his feet, but initially met a charging Bryan. Doliguez would manage to scamper backwards and get back up, but was saddled with a yellow card by the ref for his retreat. Back on the feet, some fantastic combinations by both fighters kept the action consistent, and resulted in a closer round than the first.

In the third, Roy Doliguez was swinging hard, and added a front kick and other attacks, only to slip and land on his back less than a minute in. As Bryan moved into his guard, Doliguez landed some elbows to the head, and before long they were back on the feet.A clinch led to Bryan landing a knee to the body, and he was controlling the cage for the most part. Doliguez was looking to land body shots, and added the odd leg kick. Just when things were looking their bleakest for Roy Doliguez, he fired off a straight left hand that dropped Bryan! Bryan was knocked to the ground and looked stunned, he appeared to be recovering but the ref waved it off.

Roy Doliguez def. Yago Bryan by KO, Round 3, 2:58

Alain Ngalani vs. Hideki Sekine

Japanese heavyweight Sekine opted to chase Ngalani around the cage early, looking for the takedown. Not surprisingly, Ngalani landed a hard power punch while backpedaling, a right hand that had the added force of Sekine running right into it. Shades of Fabricio Werdum rushing Stipe Miocic there. Sekine hit the mat like a fallen tree.

Alain Ngalani def. Hideki Sekine by KO, Round 1, 0:11

Stefer Rahardian vs. Sim Bunsrun

Stefer Rahardian rushed out early, and after a brief feeling out period on the feet the Indonesian flyweight secured a takedown on Sim Bunsrun. With Rahardian in mount, Bunsrun gave up his back, and that allowed Rhahardian to get his hooks in and secure a rear-naked choke.

Stefer Rahardian def. Sim Bunsrun by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 1:07

Kairat Akhmetov vs. Geje Eustaquio

Former flyweight champion Kairat Akhmetov made a quick turnaround, fighting just a couple months after losing his ONE Championship title. Opposite him in Jakarta on Saturday was promotional standout Geje Eustaquio.

With a touch of the gloves the three-round main event was underway. Akhmetov threw a high side kick early, but missed. The pair spent the opening minute mostly feeling each other out. Akhmetov then threw a kick that Eustaquio was able to duck under, allowing him to score a takedown. The former champ kept an open guard, and before long was back on his feet. Akhmetov then opted to fall back on his own wrestling, pressing Eustaquio up against the fence. Consistent pressure from Ahhmetov resulted in an eventual takedown, with the former champ on top. An upkick from Eustaquio then caught Akhmetov and stunned him! However, the ref stopped the action and granted Akhmetov and injury timeout, despite the upkick appearing to be  legal. He then restarted the action in the center of the cage. That allowed Akhmetov time to recover, and he would come back with one more takedown. The upkick was the biggest moment of the round, and the pause in the action killed Eustaquio’s momentum sadly.

Round two saw Akhmetov go back to his wrestling once more, taking the fight down again and working from Eustaquio’s guard. However, he appeared to be extra wary of his opponent’s upkicks, for good reason. From there, Akhmetov was able to land from ground and pound including some harsh elbows. Eustaquio would make it back to his feet, but a single leg takedown put him right back on the mat a short time later.

In the third, Eustaquio looked to make a statement early with a cartwheel and jump kick that ultimately failed to land. Akhmetov had his right hand loaded up, and whiffed on a big punch. He would land a kick to the body moments later, then catch Eustaquio, dropping him. Akhmetov followed him down and eventually took the back, looking to get his hooks in. Eustaquio, however, escaped, and was then able to take Akhmetov down. That may have been unwise, as he gave up his neck for a guilltoine attempt. Eustaquio would break free with just under a minute remaining in the fight! He worked to posture up and land some shots from above, while Akhmetov threw elbows and short punches from his back. In the end, it would go to the judges’ scorecards, resulting in a split decision for Kairat Akhmetov.

Kairat Akhmetov def. Geje Eustaquio by split decision

ONE Championship: Total Victory Main Card Results:

Kairat Akhmetov def. Geje Eustaquio by split decision
Stefer Rahardian def. Sim Bunsrun by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 1:07
Alain Ngalani def. Hideki Sekine by KO, Round 1, 0:11
Roy Doliguez def. Yago Bryan by KO, Round 3, 2:58
Hisyam Samsudin def. Jeremy Meciaz by TKO, Round 1, 2:47
Ramon Gonzales def. Liu De Li Ge Ri Hu by submission (arm triangle choke), Round 2, 1:52
Adrian Matheis def. Phat Soda by submission, Round 1, 3:11

ONE Championship: Total Victory Preliminary Card Results:

Riski Umar def. Adi Nugroho by KO/TKO, Round 1
Thai Rithy def. Jerome S Paye by KO/TKO, Round 2
Abdurrauf Abdul Karim def. Hendri Fardli by unanimous decision (Silat bout)