UFC 215 Results: Alex White Overwhelms Mitch Clarke, Who Retires

Alex White
Credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog.com

Opening the televised preliminary card of UFC 215 in Edmonton Saturday was a lighweight battle between Alex White and Canada’s own Mitch Clarke. The Canadian contingent started strong Saturday, with Canucks having won the first two fights at the event. Clarke, born in Saskatoon but now residing in Edmonton, looked to continue the trend against “The Spartan.”

In the first round, Clarke threw a mix of leg and front kicks in the first minute, circling on the outside as White held the center of the cage. The pair would clinch just past one minute in, with Clarke looking to land knees, and White going to the body. White displayed excellent takedown defense, and was finding a home for his combinations as the round wore on. However, neither man really did any significant damage, though White may very well have taken the round.

Round two saw things start out in similar fashion, until Clarke began eating heavy, heavy punches and elbows around the three minute mark while in the clinch. Holding on to White, he seemed to eat blow after blow with the ref taking a close look. Finally, a kick floored him, but somehow, he survived. Moments later, he ate another series of shots that bloodied him, and again found himself down, but again somehow survived, laying back trying to goad White into his guard. White backed off, and back on the feet he ate more shots against the fence, surviving again, but not for long! The final sequence saw White, who displayed both great accuracy and great patience, run Clarke down with more strikes, flooring him. Finally, the ref had seen enough, and waved the affair off!

After the bout, an emotional Clarke announced his retirement, leaving his gloves in the octagon and saying “it was an absolute pleasure to fight in front of my adopted hometown of Edmonton.”

Alex White def. Mitch Clarke by TKO, Round 2, 4:36