Invicta FC 24 Results: Borella, Frey Pick Up Key Wins

Invicta FC 24 Dudieva Borella
Credit: Scott Hirano/Invicta FC

Invicta FC returned to action Saturday with Invicta FC 24: Dudieva vs. Borella. The event went down live from the promotion’s home base in Kansas City, MO at the Scottish Rite Temple, and aired on UFC Fight Pass.

After the main event was shaken up not once but twice, seeing Megan Anderson then Tonya Evinger both scheduled to face promotional newcomer Helena Kolesnyk at featherweight then jump over to the UFC, a flyweight bout between former UFC fighter Milana Dudieva and Mara Romero Borella took its place. Kolesnyk, meanwhile, now faces Pam Sorenson, her third opponent scheduled in about as many weeks.

In the co-main event of the evening, an atomweight title eliminator looks to entertain, and former title challenger Jinh Yu Frey faces the durable Ashley Cummins to see who will be the next challenger for the 105lb belt.

Invicta FC 24 kicks off at 8PM EST on UFC Fight Pass — check back come fight time for full results and a recap of the night’s action!

Amy Coleman vs. Felicia Spencer

Opening up the Invicta FC 24 card in Kansas City was a featherweight scrap between American Amy Coleman and Canada’s Felicia Spencer. They clinched early, then Spencer landed a nice high kick. A second was caught, and the Canadian was dumped on her back, but not for long. Both ladies were hitting hard early. Spencer pressed Coleman back against the cage, landed a foot stop then completed a takedown, adding some ground strikes as Coleman muscled back up. It wouldn’t be long until Spender took them back down, pinning the arm of Coleman and landing some shots. She then transitioned to the back, and looked to lock in a choke. While it wasn’t quite under the chin, it was tight enough to force Coleman to tap!

Felicia Spencer def. Amy Coleman by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:17

Sunna Davíðsdóttir vs. Kelly D’Angelo

Strawweight action was up next as Iceland’s Sunna Tsunami took on Kelly D’Angelo.  The pair exchanged almost immediately, with Davíðsdóttir then pressing the action against the cage in a clinch. D’Angelo was able to break free, and they exchanged again. By mid-round this was becoming a bit of a standup war with both fighters landing a number of strikes; Davíðsdóttir was also able to connect with several outside leg kicks. A straight shot by D’Angelo prompted Tsunami to shoot in, and she would convert the takedown. D’Angelo, however, didn’t stay down long. They’d continue to scrap it out to the bell, and this one was going to the second round.

A couple of exchanges opened round two before Davíðsdóttir scored a double leg and landed inside D’Angelo’s guard. D’Angelo would escape back to the feet only to have Sunna rush at her and score a second takedown. Davíðsdóttir quickly moved to side control, and began peppering D’Angelo with shots while moving to mount, then landing back in half guard. D’Angelo, for her part, was active off her back but could not make it back to her feet this time. Davíðsdóttir found herself in mount briefly again, and landed some hard short elbows to the heard of D’Angelo. The Iceland native would remain in control until the end of the second frame; that could have been a 10-8 round for Davíðsdóttir.

A bloodied D’Angelo was clearly behind entering the third, and needed to stay on her feet. She was able to succeed early in the round, but wasn’t able to connect with anything significant. However, around the three minute mark she did begin to up the pressure, finding her range. Not surprisingly, Davíðsdóttir reacted by clinching against the fence and looking to take the fight to the ground again. D’Angelo, however, was having none of it. She’d stay on her feet until the final thirty seconds of the round, when Sunna Tsunami finally got the action to the ground, and finished out the round on top.

Sunna Davíðsdóttir def. Kelly D’Angelo by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Miranda Maverick vs. Gabby Romero

Romero started the opening round looking to find a home for her jab. About ninety seconds in, Romero looked to toss her opponent to the ground with a headlock, which resulted in a rather awkward sequence that ended with Romero on her back and Maverick on top. Romero looked to sink in a heel hook, which Maverick fought off, but the attempt allowed Romero to get on top of her opponent. Romero would next work to an arm-bar, an attempt that looked tight, but position was an issue, and Maverick held on to be saved by the bell.

The second round opened with a feeling out process on the feet, then Romero looked for another takedown by way of a headlock; this time it simply wasn’t happening and they broke. Maverick then began to get the better of the exchanges, catching Romero with a hard uppercut that stunning her and sent her back-pedaling. Romero would look to escape danger by getting things back down to the ground but wound up with Maverick on top of her. That said, it likely bought Romero the time she needed to recover. Maverick continued to work from the top, looking to move to side control. Romero would survive the ground, but that was quite the scare.

Round three was going to be about who executed their game plan. A minute in, Romero had a body lock on a standing Maverick, holding on to her neck, against the fence. She couldn’t use that to take the fight down, and back in the center of the cage they clinched, before Maverick pushed her opponent up against the cage. Romero seemed to do slightly better on the feet in the third round, but couldn’t do much damage. Later, during a takedown attempt by Romero, Maverick was able to get the upper hand and land a big knee to the body. However, a key error by Maverick saw her give up her back; Romero then latched on with an arm-bar attempt. She would later try to switch to a triangle, but Maverick would weather the storm.

Miranda Maverick def. Gabby Romero by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 30-27)

Barbara Acioly vs. Karina Rodriguez

Rodriguez kicked the lead leg of Acioly early, then caught her opponent with a combo that ended in a hard right, dropping her! Rodriguez moved in and began landing shots from the top while Acioly looked to scramble. Every time she changed positions, however, Rodriguez managed to follow and connect with more strikes, including some short punches and elbows. She briefly had the back and looked like she might go for a choke, but in the end stuck with the ground n’ pound, and the ref had seen enough, waving it off! Rodriguez scores the first round TKO.

Karina Rodriguez def. Barbara Acioly by TKO, Round 1, 2:14

Helena Kolesnyk vs. Pam Sorenson

After a brief exchange, Sorenson lands the trip early and takes the fight to the canvas. She moved to side control, looking to land elbows and forearm shots. Knees to the body followed. Holesnyk found herself unable to escape as she tried in vain to buck Sorenson off. Pam then moved to mount, and was soon raining down punches mixed with the odd elbow. Things were not looking good for Kolesnyk, and Sorenson then moved into position for an arm bar, locking it in. Kolesnyk tried to fight it, but within moments, she had to tap!

Pam Sorenson def. Helena Kolesnyk by submission (arm bar), Round 1, 3:12

Jinh Yu Frey vs. Ashley Cummins

Cummins came out aggressive early, throwing a combo then a big head kick that was blocked but still looked to catch Frey by surprise. They clinched, and Frey reversed, then scored a single leg, taking Cummins to the mat. Closed guard for Cummins. Ashley flashed an arm bar attempt for a moment, but that was enough to set off a scramble that allowed Cummins to get back on her feet. Frey quickly worked for another single leg, but this time could not complete it.  A couple of exchanges followed, then Frey changed levels and took Cummins back down. This time, Frey would land some hammer fists before the fight went back to the feet. Cummins continued to be aggressive in the standup department, launching several high kicks and pressing forward consistently.

Early on in the second, Frey once again scored a takedown, this time early in the round, and began working body-head with punches. Cummins looked for an arm bar once again, and Frey defended by pressing her shin against the face of Cummins. A transition and Cummins locked in the arm bar again, tight! Incredibly, Frey escaped again. During the scrambles, Frey was able to land some hammer fists, while Cummins again attempted an arm bar. That attempt was short lived, and they moved back to the feet. Before long, Frey had scored another takedown, and this time found herself in Cummins’ full guard. However, before long she was hit with another arm bar attempt, and could not pull free. She rode out the round however, but Cummins may have claimed the round staying active off her back.

The third round saw Cummins once again come out as the aggressor on the feet, while Frey went back to the take down, but you had to wonder if those arm bar attempts wouldn’t pay off eventually. This time Frey seemed hyper-aware of keeping her arms free, and managed to take the back of Cummins about midway through the round. Cummins was able to roll through however, and Frey found herself in half guard. With over a minute to go Cummins again latched on to the arm, but Frey stayed stacked and Cummins gave up on the attempt. It would go to the scorecards, and a tough one to score it was.

Jinh Yu Frey def. Ashley Cummins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Milana Dudieva vs. Mara Romero Borella

Former UFC bantamweight Milana Dudieva moved to flyweight for her Invicta FC debut against Mara Romero Broella in the main event of the evening. Dudieva landed a judo toss to take things down early. Borella managed to keep her in half guard, and got back to her feet in due course. On the feet, Broella opted to counter punch, with Dudieva walking her down. With a minute to go, Dudieva was looking for a guillotine she didn’t have, but as they transitioned the Russian refused to let go of her grip. She finished the round with her hands still locked together, but that had to take something out of her arms.

In the second, the action stayed standing early, with Borella pressing the action against the cage ninety seconds in and landing the takedown. Dudieva managed to scramble to half guard. Borella tried to work from that position, landing some strikes from the top. Borella would control the remainder of the round from there, but couldn’t do much in the way of damage, and never came close to finishing the fight.

Dudieva went looking for the hip toss early in the third, but Borella was able to counter, and land a takedown of her own. Borella stayed heavy on an active Dudieva, who looked for an arm bar, then triangle. Borella tried slamming Dudieva to break free, but the Russian held on to the hold, and began landing strikes from the bottom. Once free, with just two minutes left in the round, Borella managed to trap an arm of her opponent, making working from the top a little easier. A big scramble saw Dudieva get off the bottom, but she landed right in a triangle attempt, and both women landed strikes from the bottom. That took things to the bell!

Mara Romero Borella def. Milana Dudieva by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)

Invicta FC 24: Dudieva vs. Borella Results:

Mara Romero Borella def. Milana Dudieva by split decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Jinh Yu Frey def. Ashley Cummins by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Pam Sorenson def. Helena Kolesnyk by submission (arm bar), Round 1, 3:12
Karina Rodriguez def. Barbara Acioly by TKO, Round 1, 2:14
Miranda Maverick def. Gabby Romero by unanimous decision (30-26, 29-28, 30-27)
Sunna Davíðsdóttir def. Kelly D’Angelo by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)
Felicia Spencer def. Amy Coleman by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 3:17


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