Jonathan Martinez Likes What He Sees At Bantamweight

Las Vegas – UFC bantamweight Jonathan Martinez said he is enjoying what he’s seeing in the 135 division as he took in UFC X during International Fight Week.

“This division is pretty cool. I’m just going to watch everybody, see where everybody goes, and hopefully I get a good name,” Martinez told Cageside Press at UFC X.

“It’ll be good for me.”

Martinez (19-5) is coming off a loss at UFC 301 to Jose Aldo in Brazil. He’s hoping to return at what may turn out to be one of the biggest cards in UFC history.

“I want to get on that card in September (UFC 306). Hopefully I’m just waiting, see what they tell me,” he said.

UFC 306 takes place on Sept 14 at The Sphere in Las Vegas and has become quite the target for all fighters to try and get on.

Martinez has been known to be on the shy side of dealing with media, but when it comes to fans he’s as comfortable as it gets.

“I’m getting a lot of fans so it’s pretty cool,” he said.

“Just get a lot of questions that they’re going to give me a champ one day and work hard. We see you climbing and stuff like that, you know.”

Watch the entire interview with Jonathan Martinez above.