UFC 303: Jean Silva First to KO Charles Jourdain, After Weight Miss

Charles Jourdain and Jean Silva, UFC 303
Charles Jourdain and Jean Silva, UFC 303 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

Canadian featherweight Charles Jourdain looked to make it 2-0 on the night for Team Canada when he took on Jean Silva at UFC 303.

Gillian Robertson had got things going for the Canucks, dominating the retiring Michelle Waterson-Gomez. As for Silva, he was the lone fighter on the UFC 303 card who had missed weight.

Early on, the preliminary card featherweight fight was a kicking-heavy affair, with a lot of movement on the feet. Jourdain worked from the outside, using lateral movement and circling out of harm’s way. The Canadian mixed in leg kicks with high kicks, but met disaster when he came forward, dropped by Silva! Silva, sensing his opponent was hurt, let Jourdain back up. Needing a reprieve, Jourdain changed levels for a takedown on the fence, with Silva dropping elbows in response, eventually fending off the attempt.

In the final ten seconds, Jourdain would land a takedown, but that wouldn’t win him back the round.

Silva put it away in the round two, becoming the first man to knock out Charles Jourdain in the process. In on a leg for a takedown and eating nasty elbows, Jourdain was exposed, and Silva took advantage. Coming off the attempt, an uppercut connected, and Jourdain fell back, with Silva walking off before the ref had even come in. A walk-off KO only marred by the weight miss, while will eliminate what would almost certainly have been a bonus for the Brazilian.

Jean Silva addressed the weight issue, saying he had fallen down a flight of stairs before the weigh-ins, interrupting his cut.

Official Result: Jean Silva def. Charles Jourdain by KO, Round 2, 1:22