Patricky Pitbull Feeling “100% Better” Ahead of PFL 5

Former Bellator MMA lightweight champ Patricky Pitbull looks to bounce back at PFL 5 in Salt Lake City on Friday night, a quick turnaround that might not have been possible back when he was fighting under the Bellator banner.

Pitbull (25-13) fell to Clay Collard at PFL 2 back in April, and one positive he appears to have found in the PFL season is the strength of schedule.

“Sometimes I like the PFL decision, because I can fight more. I like to fight like that,” Pitbull explained during this week’s media day. “Stop, two or three months, have a fight. I like to keep competing, keep fighting, keep working every day in the gym.”

If nothing else, having a fight, a new opponent, lined up keeps laziness from setting in, Pitbull went on to explain.

“My mentality is, keep working hard, every time, every day. Don’t be lazy, and be ready for the next fight. That’s my mentality, my thinking about this. I like to work, I like to go back to the gym, back to my house and know when I will fight again,” he stated. “I love this, I love this idea. Because when you’re back to your house and don’t have a prediction [for when] your next fight [will be], you go back to your house and eat a lot, be lazy. Don’t want to train. When you have one fight, when you have one guy to beat, you need to go back to the house, keep focus, keep training hard.”

In terms of motivation beyond that, Patricky later joked that “I’m a pitbull. I’m hungry every day.”

Alluding to a knee injury sustained in conjunction with his last bout, Patricky Pitbull, who described himself as a volcano ready to explode at one point through coach Eric Albaraccin, would add that he feels “100%” better ahead of his fight with Bruno Miranda at PFL 5. “I feel very, very much better than my first time, my last fight. Let’s go. I’m ready! It doesn’t matter what has happened. I will go crazy, brother.”