Jose Johnson Targeting Pantoja, ‘Show ya’ll why soon’

UFC APEX – UFC flyweight Jose Johnson comes into UFC Vegas 93 against Asu Amabayev looking to win, and targeting the division champ.

“I see myself being a champion in this division,” Johnson told reporters on Thursday.

“I like that matchup with (Alexandre) Pantoja, soon, and I’m going to show ya’ll why soon.”

Johnson (16-8) draws Almabayev on Saturday night. Johnson plans to showcase against his opponent and show why he’s ready for a Pantoja matchup.

“This guy (Almabayev) is 16 or something like that. After I take him out I want either a top 15 or a top 10 guy. All eyes are going to be on me There’s no way for it not to be. I’m huge. I’m going to make history,” he said.

“I had my fight at 135 and was fairly successful. I’m going to go back up and dominate that division too, but first I want to take the 125 division.”

Johnson steps into the cage as a 6-foot flyweight which is rare to say the least given what that means for most in terms of cutting weight.

“I’ve actually fought at flyweight before, but I was an amateur and I was much younger. So there was a huge concern that you put on a significant amount more muscle how easy would that be? Because it was terrible last time I’m not even going to lie,” he said.

“With proper guidance and the nutritionist over here at the PI (Performance Institute) it’s been going great. I was lower than 135 yesterday and I feel amazing.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with Jose Johnson above.